Thank a GI

Hug a GI Day

Reading Comprehension for March 4

Today we thank the brave folks in our armed forces. They defend our freedom. They work hard to keep us safe. They may be in the army or the navy. They may serve in the air force or the marines. Jointly they are called the military [MILL-uh-tehr-ee]. Since they serve our country, we also call it the service.

March 4th is the day to thank them. March 4th is a date that is also a marching order. Get it? March fourth --> March forth! Our soldiers march forth to protect our land and its people. They are proud to defend the USA.

One way to say thank you is to hug a GI. A GI is a soldier. You can hug someone who is in the service now, or you can hug a vet. A vet is someone who served in the past.

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