The Facts about Spring Fever

Spring Fever Week

Reading Comprehension for March 20

Spring fever is not a sickness. It's an alarming name for a feeling that overtakes many people after a long, cold winter! It can affect both adults and children. Daydreaming, a lack of interest in work or studies, and a strong desire to be outside are linked to spring fever. Children may feel jittery and need to burn off some energy!

Spring fever's name comes from the season in which those feelings occur. By springtime, you've been in school for about seven months. You've spent most of your time indoors. You're tired of wearing coats, jackets, and sweaters. You see flowers blooming; you hear birds singing as they return to nest; you feel warm breezes. Summer is coming, bringing with it dreams of swimming pools, water slides, water games, and freedom from school!

Spring fever can wreak havoc on all your hard work! If you yield to spring fever, you may find yourself daydreaming, staring out of windows, putting off homework, and taking shortcuts on school projects. That will lead to a drop in your grades! Sadly, if you have spring fever, you will find it difficult to care about your grades.

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