The Telescope

Sky Awareness Week

Reading Comprehension for April 26

Do you like to lie on your back and gaze at the stars? What constellations can you name? Have you ever used a telescope to get a closer look at the universe? Do you know how a telescope works?

A telescope is used to see distant objects up close. There are two basic types of telescopes - the refracting telescope and the reflecting telescope. Each will help you to see the planets, moon, or stars. Both use a tube and have an eyepiece to focus the image for you to see. However, each works in a different way.

A refracting telescope uses glass lenses to help you see objects in space. An objective lens collects light from the object you want to view. An eyepiece lens works as a magnifying glass to enhance and enlarge the image received by the telescope. As you look through the eyepiece, the picture is viewed. The tube of a refracting telescope is long and thin. In order to increase magnification, the tube must be lengthened.

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