Underground Freedom Fighter

Underground Freedom Fighter

Reading Comprehension for March 10

In the 1800s, there were slaves. A slave was a person. Slaves were men and women and boys and girls. A slave was owned by another person. Slaves were black. They were not free to do what they wanted. Many slaves dreamed of freedom. One slave was Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman was born in 1822. She was one of nine children. Her parents were slaves. She was a slave. Her owner sold her to others. She was treated badly. She met a man. His name was John Tubman. He was a free black man. Harriet and John got married in 1844.

Harriet wanted her freedom. She knew that the only way to be free was to run away to the northern states or Canada. John did not want to go. She left without him. He died a few years later.

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