Yuri Gagarin: Being First

Being First

Reading Comprehension for March 9

The teacher says to line up at the door. The class jumps up. Chairs are pushed under desks. A group of children run to be first in line. The teacher asks someone else to be first. Dan will lead the class to lunch. He has done it before. He knows what to do. He knows where he is going. What if he did not know? How would he feel?

For most people, being first is exciting. Yuri Gagarin was first. He was the first man in space. He was the first man to orbit the Earth.

Yuri was born on March 9, 1934. He was born in Russia. Russia is a large country. It is in Asia. Yuri's father joined the Russian army. His mother took the children away from the fighting. Yuri's teachers said he was a hard worker. They said he was smart. Yuri looked up to his teachers. He liked his math teacher. His teacher flew in the army during the war. Yuri liked flying.

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