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Distance Learning Teacher Appreciation Week - 7 Ways to Celebrate Teachers

7 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week During the COVID-19 Crisis

Distance Learning Teacher Appreciation Week - 7 Ways to Celebrate Teachers

There are many ways to celebrate teacher appreciation week. It's always a good idea to think carefully about what teachers really want, which means you might want to skip the favorite teacher mug in favor of something a little more meaningful.

Shopping for a meaningful gift for your teacher is difficult during the best of times, but how can we show our teachers that we appreciate them during the COVID-19 crisis, especially now that we are appreciating our teachers more than ever before?

Just because you can't see your teacher doesn't mean there aren't plenty of ways to show how much you care! Here are a few teacher appreciation ideas that are perfect for teachers while we're dealing with COVID-19, but many of these creative ideas will surely be appreciated long after the Coronavirus crisis is over.

Digital Gift Cards

Gift certificates are a popular option, especially if you aren't sure what kind of gift your teacher wants. During a normal school year, that means wrapping up a gift card in a box and bringing it to class. In today's unpredictable world, digital gift cards are a better option.

Most businesses provide an option to purchase a digital gift card directly from their website. Once purchased, that card is sent to your teacher's email address. Gift cards to stores like Target are popular, as are Amazon gift cards and digital gift cards to local restaurants.

You also have the option of purchasing gift cards to local businesses that may not normally have the capacity to provide digital gift cards to customers. This kind of purchase is even more impactful during COVID-19 because it provides local businesses with money upfront, enabling them to survive this difficult time.

Personalize a Special Message That Can Be Sent Digitally

Teacher appreciation week often comes with words of appreciation and plenty of hugs. Unfortunately, doing these things isn't possible during the COVID-19 crisis. That doesn't mean you can't send along a special message! You will make your teacher's day when he or she receives a digital message in their inbox or on social media.

There are many ways for you to send a virtual message. One that is gaining in popularity as people are social distancing is picture collages . Create a virtual message, then get other students in on the fun. Each student writes just one word of the special message on a piece of paper, then everyone takes a picture. Those pictures are then arranged using a free photo collage maker to spell out the uplifting message with friendly faces that can be sent to their classroom teacher.

Other options include recording a personal thank you video or creating a voice message, if your student is a little camera shy.

Send Them a Care Package in the Mail

There's no doubt that your teacher would love to receive a care package in the mail. Nearly anything can go inside a care package, and because it was handmade by one of their students, they'll appreciate it even more.

You might want to include things like:
      School supplies they can use in the classroom when classes resume
      Prepackaged snacks and treats
      Boredom-busting puzzle books
      Self-care items, like cozy socks or face masks
      A book or a movie
      Candles and home décor items

Don't know your teacher's personal address? Consider general delivery, where the package is sent to a local post office. Just make sure you check with the post office first to see if it's something they're willing to do.

Send a Letter in the Mail

A teacher appreciation gift doesn't have to be as involved or expensive as sending a care package. If you know your teacher's address, a simple letter in the mail would be enough to brighten their day.

Greeting cards from the store will be appreciated, but it's even better if you can help your child make a special card for their teacher. Encourage them to include a letter with the card explaining what they've been up to and what they miss most about school. Not only will your teacher enjoy the sentiment, they'll also be happy to see that your child is practicing their writing skills!

Chalk up the Sidewalk Outside the School

Another affordable option to show teachers you care is to chalk up the sidewalk outside the school.

There are many examples of Chalk the Walks, and many different reasons for doing it. Some towns do them annually, while other organizations do them for special occasions. They're a great way to get multiple people involved in teacher appreciation week, and they can help get the kids out of the house too.

Reach out to other students and encourage them to go to the school and use sidewalk chalk to decorate or leave a message on one square of cement. Whether the teachers return to school to get a few materials, they live in the neighborhood and regularly walk by, or they drive by, they'll appreciate the beautiful images and words of encouragement that were left by their students.

If social distancing is an issue, don't try and complete the design overnight. Instead, ask students and families to come and decorate the cement at any time throughout the week. That way, there aren't too many people decorating the sidewalk at the same time.

Support a Fundraising Campaign

It isn't uncommon for teachers to fundraise for classroom supplies and special products during the year. It is even more common during the COVID-19 crisis, as teachers may also be looking for money and resources to help their students while they're away from school.

Donate money or supplies to your teacher's fundraising campaign. If you aren't sure if they have one, send them a quick message and ask. They may direct you to a school-wide fundraiser, or a fellow teacher's fundraiser.

If your teacher doesn't have one, consider starting one for them! Crowdfunding sites are the best way to get started, but other fundraising sites are also available. Once you've raised some money, it can be given to your teacher, or it can be used to buy supplies for the classroom.

Find a Way to Help Them With Something They Need

These are unprecedented times. We're all struggling in different ways, but getting help can be difficult. If you know there's something your teacher needs, see if it's something your family can help with.

Does your teacher need help sourcing online educational materials because they are busy taking care of a loved one while they're sick? Consider compiling a list of educational apps and free workbooks they can send to their students. Are they a little low on funds because their significant other lost their job? Offer to pay for one of their monthly bills. If they're stuck at home with kids of their own, ask if you can drop off dinner.

Helping in this way can be very personal, so it does require you to know your teacher and offer your help in a nonjudgmental and supportive way. If your teacher is a private person, one of the other tips on this list might be better.

Don't let COVID-19 keep you from showing your love to teachers during teacher appreciation week! These teacher appreciation ideas will help you show your appreciation from afar with meaningful gifts your teacher is sure to love.

Happy Teachers Day!