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Earth Day Activities to Celebrate with Kids [with Free Printables]

Earth Day Activities to Celebrate with Kids [with Free Printables]

10 Great Ways to Build Success Skills While Celebrating Earth Day!

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily lives. With schools closed, students are being taught at home, and "social distancing" has become the new norm. Nonetheless, this coming April 22nd is a special day. It marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and you can make it memorable!

#1 - Use Earth Day-themed Worksheets to Strengthen Academic Skills and let Kids Celebrate April 22nd in your Classroom

Try these free Earth Day Worksheets to start learning and celebrating planet Earth.

Earth Day Worksheets for First, Second, Third, and Fourth Graders

Earth Day Worksheets for First Graders

Earth Day Worksheets for Second Graders

Earth Day Worksheets for Third Graders

Earth Day Worksheets for Fourth Graders

Or try these Earth Day reading comprehension and writing workbooks.

Earth Day Reading, Math, and Writing Activity Books

Second Grade Earth Day Reading, Writing, and Math Book

Third Grade Earth Day Reading, Writing, and Math Book

Fourth Grade Earth Day Reading, Writing, and Math Book

Fifth Grade Earth Day Reading, Writing, and Math Book

Sixth Grade Earth Day Reading, Writing, and Math Book

#2 - View a Family Movie with a "Green Theme"

There are quite a few films to choose from, and several are old "classics." After the movie, discuss the movie's message and how it could be applied to their lives.

#3 - Plant Flowers!

Who doesn't enjoy flowers? In some areas of our country, the weather is warm enough to plant flower seeds outside. In other areas, it's best to start the flowers indoors and then transplant outside. If you're working with young children, this could make a fun reading and science lesson. Choose flower seeds that are kid-friendly, like marigolds, zinnias, or sunflowers.

#4 - Bookmarks

Make bookmarks with an Earth Day theme. When finished, share them with family members and friends.

#5 - Rock Out!

This activity is good for the mind and body. Accompany your children on a walk through your neighborhood, nearby park, or along a nature trail. As you walk, collect smooth, rounded rocks that can be painted with positive messages and/or pictures about our planet. After the rocks have dried, deliver your rocks to appropriate locations where they can be "discovered" by others. The messages can be short, such as:
      Reuse. Recycle.
      Be kind to our planet
      Plant a tree
      Happy Earth Day!

#6 - Read a Book

There are many books with an environment theme. For example, The Great Kapok, by Lynne Cherry, is available online, in audio format. A downloadable literature unit is also available.

#7 - Dance! Dance! Dance!

If it's time to move, and music is your groove, then why not dance to an earth-themed song? Just move the furniture back, turn up the volume, and boogie on down! Discuss the message of the song.

#8 Promote Earth Day with Yard Signs

Purchase blank yard signs with stakes online, or at your local grocery store, and then decorate them with colorful environmental messages.

#9 It's in the Bag

Did you know that it can take over 400 years for a plastic bag to break down? Additionally, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags each year. Tragically, 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic bags each year. This activity can help reduce your family's dependency on plastic bags. Create colorful, reusable canvas shopping bags that can be used over and over. Blank bags, fabric paint, and/or fabric markers can be ordered online or at some large grocery stores. Many of them are washable. Let your children or students create bags that can be appreciated over and over. They can even make nice gifts!

#10 Plant a Tree

You've heard it before, but there are so many benefits to the act that planting a tree must be considered. In many areas, you can obtain young tree saplings for free or at a very low price. Just check with your state's Department of Natural Resources or your community's "tree board." Integrate a reading lesson , and you're good to go!

It's a "Golden" Opportunity!

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, Congress has passed important environmental laws to improve and save our planet. The Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Acts are a few examples. Fifty years ago, Earth Day was only celebrated in America; now, it's observed around the world. Whether you are at school or home, participate in this year's Earth Day, April 22nd. After all, this year marks Earth Day's 50th anniversary. It's golden!