A Goofing Off Day

National Goof Off Day

Reading Comprehension for March 22

Alex smiled to himself. Tomorrow was National Goof Off Day. He was going to have so much fun! It was unfair, of course, that he had to go to school. Perhaps the teacher wouldn't give the class very much work to do.

When his best friend Tyler came over, the boys played outside. Tyler had brought his basketball, and they practiced throwing it through the hoop.

"What do you want to do for Goof Off Day?" asked Alex.

"Do?" asked Tyler. "I thought goofing off meant doing nothing!" He grinned at his friend.

"Ha, ha. You're very funny," said Alex. "You know what I mean."

Tyler bounced the ball two times and tossed it. It arched through the air and dropped neatly into the basket.

"YES!" He said as Alex caught the ball. "Nothin' but net! Try to beat that!" He laughed.

Alex bounced the ball and stared at the net. He took careful aim. The ball sailed through the air. It lightly touched the back rim before dropping through the net.

"Good shot, Alex," said Tyler. "I wish we could spend all day tomorrow doing this."

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