A Special Kind of Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday

Reading Comprehension for March 26

Sonya sat on the floor of the living room. Next to her lay the family dog, Sandy. He was a mixed breed. His mother had been part collie, while no one really knew what breed his father was. Sonya didn't care. She thought he was the best dog anyone ever had. She had taught him several tricks and wanted to teach him more.

Sonya rubbed Sandy's ears as Dad read the newspaper. Suddenly he folded it over and turned it so she could see.

"Sonya, look at this. The newspaper is having a contest for kids. It might be something you are interested in," he said.

"Can you read it to me, Dad?" asked Sonya as she looked up with interest.

"It says they are having a contest to make up your own holiday," said Dad.

"Make up your own holiday?"

"Of course," said Dad. "Think of something you would like to celebrate, and then write about it."

"I wouldn't know what to choose," said Sonya with a sigh. "All the best holidays are already taken."

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