Clean Teeth

Betsy didn't like to go to the dentist. She knew it was a good idea. The hygienist was always so nice to her. It felt good to have her teeth extra clean after the visit. Yet, she still didn't like to go. The main thing she didn't like was having to hold her mouth open while the hygienist cleaned her teeth. Betsy's cheeks always hurt after her appointment because the hygienist regularly told her to "open wide."

As she sat in the back seat of their compact car after her latest dentist appointment, Betsy got to thinking about various animals and what it would be like if they had to visit the dentist. How funny it would be to see a camel go to the dentist!

Mom glanced in the rearview mirror. "What are you thinking about, Betsy?"

"I was just thinking about what it would be like for some animals to go to the dentist," Betsy replied.

"Give me an example," Mom said.

"Well, what if a giraffe had to go? The hygienist would have to climb a ladder to reach his mouth!"

Mom laughed. "How about a crocodile? A hygienist wouldn't have to climb a ladder for that!"

Betsy shivered. "No, but can you imagine telling a crocodile to 'open wide'?"

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