Dangerous or Safe?

Just down the street is a house. It's a very nice house. It has a pretty yard. It even has a swimming pool! There are some dangerous things in this house, though. There are poisons in this house.

Molly lives in the house down the street with her brother, her mom, and her dad. They are a very happy family. Molly helps her mom in the kitchen. She likes to help her cook. She also helps her dad. Her dad shows her how to fix a car in the garage. But there's something dangerous in both of those places. There are poisons there!

Does it sound strange to have poisons at home? Yes, it does! Do you have poisons at your house? Most houses have poisons in them. In your kitchen, there might be cleaners under the sink that contain poisons. In the garage, there could be different oils, cleaners, and paints with poison. In the bathroom, there might be more cleaners. Many of these things could have poisons in them.

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