Don't Blow the Record!

Bubble Blowers Day

Reading Comprehension for March 23

"I'm going to set a record," Marcie said. "I'm going to blow the world's largest bubble gum bubble."

"How will you know it is the largest?" I asked.

"I looked it up on the Guinness Book of World Records website. The largest bubblegum bubble on record is 20 inches in diameter."

"Wow!" I said. "That's almost two rulers put side by side. Not bad for bubble gum!"

Marcie began to chew a large wad of gum. Her cheeks puffed out as she snapped and cracked the gum, making it soft and pliable. It was a good thing she was not at her house. Her mother hates it when she chews gum like that!

I chewed my gum also, but it was a smaller piece. I had no desire to break a record. I just enjoyed chewing bubble gum.

"Stand by with a yardstick," Marcie commanded.

I ran into the house and grabbed a yardstick from the garage. When I got back outside, Marcie had blown a rather large bubble. It did not look as if it were over 20 inches, though.

Pop! Marcie deflated the bubble, sucked the sticky gum back into her mouth, and began to chew again.

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