Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

Bethany sank deeper into her warm bed. The pink flannel sheets were so soft. She stretched her arms above her head and stretched a delicious stretch. She glanced over at the alarm clock and immediately became distressed. The clock read 8:00. She was late for school! This was especially poor timing because she had a math test today.

She jumped out of bed and promptly stubbed her big toe on the corner of the dresser. Ouch! She hopped up and down on one leg into the bathroom, where she lost her balance and almost fell into the bathtub. Bethany had never had such trouble getting up in the morning! What else could go wrong?

Then Bethany grabbed her hairbrush and began to brush her blond hair. She recently had it cut into layers because it was so thick. She usually brushed her hair in small sections so she could untangle any knots, but today she was in a hurry. The brush got stuck! Bethany felt a knot in her stomach that matched the knot in her hair. She did not have time to waste on her hair, so she decided to go downstairs and at least throw some bread in the toaster. She ran downstairs with the hairbrush bobbing on the side of her head like a prickly ball.

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