Fighting a Giant

Emma looked forward to having a lemonade stand every summer. She has had her own lemonade stand every summer since she was six years old. Now it was all ruined.

A new girl had moved into the white house near the end of her street. Her name was Ava, and she was thirteen years old. She was much bigger than Emma.

Emma had gone to her house four days ago to meet her. They talked about school. Ava was going to be in eighth grade when school started. Emma was only going to be in fifth grade. Ava had a brother in high school. He was big, too. Emma had a baby sister. She was tiny and only three months old.

Emma told Ava that she had a lemonade stand every summer. She asked Ava if she wanted to help with the stand.

"Help?" Ava shouted. "I don't want to help you or anyone else! I have had a lemonade stand every summer. You stay out of my way, little girl! I am the only one having a lemonade stand on this street!"

Emma went home. She was a little bit afraid of Ava. Ava was older. She was bigger. She had a big brother. She yelled a lot.

Emma didn't know what to do. She sat in the living room and stared out the window. She tried to think of an answer to her problem. Maybe she should just give up. She couldn't win against Ava. She felt like she would have to fight a giant.

While she was thinking, her mother came into the living room.

"A penny for your thoughts," Mrs. Spencer said.

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