Luther Burbank, Plant Scientist

Luther Burbank

Reading Comprehension for March 7

Luther Burbank lived a long time ago. He was a teenager during the Civil War! His home was in New England. He loved his mother's garden. He loved plants the way some kids today love video games.

Burbank grew up and started his own garden. He studied plants. He worked to grow better plants. He liked all kinds of plants. He worked with fruit and vegetable plants because he was very interested in plants that were used for food. He wanted to help feed the world by making better fruit and vegetable plants. He also worked with flowers and shrubs.

One day Burbank was pleased with himself. He grew a potato plant that was special. Its potatoes were larger than other potatoes. He named it after himself. It was the Burbank potato! People could plant this potato and have more to eat than with other potato plants.

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