Martsishor in Moldova

Martsishor in Moldova

Reading Comprehension for March 1

Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe. Winters in Moldova are not very cold. But the people of Moldova are always very glad to see springtime come. There is a story in Moldova about spring and warm weather. According to Moldovan legends, the sun is everyone's friend. The sun can take the form of a person--a very popular person. The sun would visit towns and villages on important days, like weddings, and be the life of the party! One day, the sun took the form of a handsome young man. He came to earth to attend a wedding party. But on that day, something went wrong.

While celebrating with the wedding party, the sun was kidnapped! A mighty dragon stole the sun away and locked him up! This ruined daily life for all Moldovans. Birds and children forgot their songs. Laughter turned into crying. The world was full of sorrow. The sun was gone, and no one was brave enough to fight the dragon- except for one brave young man.

This young man had enough of the darkness and the crying. When no one else would go, he left home to find and fight the dragon. His whole town came out to see him off. They wished him luck. So the young man set out to find the dragon. He wandered through the spring, summer, and fall, looking for the dragon.

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