Maybe Later

Procrastination Week

Reading Comprehension for March 5

When Aldric Verdell was born, nobody knew that something in his character was missing. It wasn't until he was old enough to attend school that it became evident. Aldric lacked ambition.

"Shouldn't you be studying for the math test?"

"Maybe later," Aldric would say. He put off studying and was never well-prepared for his tests. His lack of effort was apparent by the grades he received.

Besides failing to earn better grades, Aldric missed out on other things as well. When his friends asked if he was going out for basketball, he shrugged and said, "Maybe later." When his art teacher asked if he wanted to help design a float for a parade, he thought a moment and said, "Maybe later." When Aldric's music teacher asked if he would like to sing a solo in the spring program, he shook his head and said, "Maybe later."

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