Move On!

Caroline is usually a happy girl. She has many favorite things to do. She has a lot of friends, loves playing games, and loves to read. Caroline thinks every day is a good day. She can always find something to make her smile. In fact, many people think Caroline is the nicest, happiest girl they know. Everyone talks about how sweet she is.

However, Caroline has a big secret that no one knows. Caroline has a secret enemy. Her enemy is Bridget, the girl who lives down the street. Caroline doesn't like Bridget at all. She is so angry with her. Maybe she even hates her!

It all started two months ago when they were playing together outside. Bridget asked to see Caroline's music player. The music player was very new. It was one of Caroline's birthday presents. While Bridget was looking at it, she dropped it and scratched the screen. Bridget said it was an accident. She said she was sorry.

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