Movie Snacks

Marcie and I had just entered the movie theater. The line was very long for the concessions. The movie would not start for fifteen minutes, though. So I thought we could make it.

Marcie, who preferred to get to our seats early, said, "I can skip getting popcorn and soda." She started to head to the door of the auditorium where our movie would be showing.

I hesitated. One of my favorite things to do while watching a movie was to enjoy a box of chocolate covered raisins and a container of buttery popcorn. I liked the alternating flavors of the smooth chocolate and the crunchy, buttered popcorn. Marcie never did care much for movie snacks. She liked to head straight to the movie.

"Are you coming?" Marcie said, turning partially around after she noticed I was not right beside her.

"I really want to get my snacks," I said. "You go ahead and get our seats."

"Okay. Suit yourself," Marcie said. She made a beeline for the theater door.

I sighed. Sometimes I wished Marcie could be more flexible. Shrugging my shoulders, I stepped into line and waited...and waited...and waited. Boy, they were being very slow serving today. I looked at my phone more than once. It was getting very close to the start time for the movie. Oh well, I knew there would be several previews, and I was getting close to the counter.

Finally, I got to the cashier.

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