Ms. Cari's Craft Shop

National Craft Month

Reading Comprehension for March 13

Ms. Cari stood and looked at her new store. "Cari's Craft Shop" was on the banner over the door.

"I'm ready!" she said with a happy smile. "I hope I sell a lot of craft supplies today!"

Ms. Cari went inside. Rows of shelves held all kinds of craft items. She liked to look at them. Her shoes clacked as she walked along the rows. Stacks of brightly colored paper greeted her eyes. Bottles of paint made another colorful display.

There were rows of clay, wax, wood, and foam rubber. Boxes held beads and string. There were jars and sand and sea shells. There were plastic crafts. Ms. Cari had cloth, yarn, and ribbons too. She also had scissors and glue for sale.

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