Park Path

Dear Pen Pal,

I love my morning walks with Mom. We have a lovely park near our house. In fact, some of the land that makes up the park joins our yard. The park is built around a river that goes through the city and flows into the neighborhoods around it.

Last fall, my family moved into a new house, partly because we liked this park located next to it. Mom loved seeing all the flowers and landscaping out our window. Dad loved that he would not have to do the work to keep it up. I like that the park makes it feel like we have a huge backyard.

Each morning after Dad leaves for work and before we start my day at home school, Mom and I take a walk on the path around the park. It's about four feet wide and paved. It has enough room for bicycles, strollers, and joggers. We just walk once around it, which is about half a mile. We almost always see bikers, joggers, and other moms walking babies in their strollers.

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