Patricia MacLachlan: A Sense of Place

A writer usually writes about something she enjoys. She writes about what she knows. She writes about what is important to her. Patricia MacLachlan is a writer. Her readers know that home and family are important to her.

Patricia MacLachlan was born on March 3, 1938. She was born in Wyoming. Her family moved to Minnesota. Before leaving Wyoming, Patricia took something special with her. She scooped up prairie dirt. She put it in a bag. She took it with her. She still has it today. It reminds her of her childhood.

Patricia had a lot of books as a child. Her parents made sure of that. The family read together. Patricia and her father would act out parts of the stories. They would sometimes change the endings. They would talk about characters. When Patricia was old enough, she read books by herself. She would write in her diary about the books she read. She says that stories were real to her. Her father always told her that there was a character in every book that helps you figure out who you are.

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