Safe or Free?

"This is so funny," Ronny Raven said to his friend Randolph as they sat on top of the Tower of London, looking out over the city.

"What do you mean, Ronny?"

"I think it is hilarious that the king feels that we have anything to do with the monarchy standing or falling."

Randolph chuckled. "You're right. At least it makes for a happy life for us."

Ronny and Randolph began to think back to the time when King Charles II clipped their wings. They didn't like that part. However, it meant they could live in luxury in the Tower of London now, and life was pretty good.

For some reason, King Charles was led to believe that the ravens brought good luck to the monarchy. He felt that as long as the ravens remained in the Tower, his kingdom would stay stable and strong. So, Ronny and Randolph enjoyed a very happy life in the Tower. Food was brought to the Tower regularly, enough for all the ravens to eat. They could sit on the top of the Tower and soak in the sun. They had protection when it rained.

Even so, Randolph sighed.

"What's the matter?" Ronny asked.

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