Seeds of Love

"Wow! What a price!" my mom said as we checked out of the discount store.

"Please go back and grab as many seed packets as you can," she instructed.

I turned around and went toward the back of the store. There was a display there with all sorts of seed packets--seeds for flowers and vegetables. I wasn't sure what mom wanted, but I started grabbing handfuls until I couldn't hold any more.

I ran back to the cash register and dumped them onto the counter.

"How's this?" I asked.

"That's great!" Mom answered.

"What do you need all these seed packets for, anyway?"

"Just a second," Mom answered.

"That will be $3.00," said the cashier.

I stared in disbelief. Only $3.00 for all that? There must have been over 100 seed packets in that pile. There were seeds for beets and marigolds, lettuce and snapdragons, tomatoes and alyssum and more!

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