The Buzzards of Hinckley, Ohio

Annual Buzzard Migration

Reading Comprehension for March 15

Spring is ushered in by colorful blossoms bursting forth over the gray countryside. It's announced by the fawns, ducklings, and other animal babies that suddenly are often born in the spring. As warm breezes blow away the chilly winter air, buzzards return to the Midwest to announce that spring has come again.

Haven't you heard about the annual buzzard migration? It doesn't get the same attention that the swallows of San Juan Capistrano and the monarch butterflies do. However, the people of Hinckley, Ohio, still enjoy making the most of the buzzards, their springtime heralds. The park has activities for birders and families. The local elementary school hosts an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.

The buzzards, also known as turkey vultures, spend their winter vacation in the southern U.S. and beyond. Some mysterious internal clock tells them when it's time to head north again. They time their arrival in Hinckley each year around March 15. Their summer home is in Hinckley Reservation, a park that includes a lake with limestone cliffs, caves, and rocky ledges for nesting and open fields with plenty of wildlife for food.

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