The Heirloom Quilt

Quilting Day

Reading Comprehension for March 15

Marta pulled the quilt out of the cedar chest. She held it tightly to her chest and carried it to her room. Carefully, she spread the beautiful quilt on her new bed. As she stood back to admire it, a tear came to her eye. Then she felt a hand on her arm. Looking down, she saw her little sister, Caitlyn, standing next to her.

"Why are you crying?" the little girl asked.

"I was just looking at the quilt that Gramma helped me to make," she said.

Caitlyn looked at the quilt, "But, why does it make you cry?"

"It just brings back memories," Marta said. "Gramma and I made this out of some of my old clothes."

Caitlyn looked puzzled, "Old clothes?"

Marta picked up the little girl and placed her on the bed, "Here, let me tell you about them." She pointed to a white satin square. "This one is from my christening gown. Over here is a square from the dress I wore on my first day of school. I loved that dress. It had a big bow in the back, and I had a matching bow for my hair."

"I like the pretty blue flowers," said Caitlyn.

"I loved first grade. My teacher was so wonderful. I still have friends that I met that year."

"I'm in first grade," said Caitlyn. "Will I still have the same friends when I'm sixteen like you?"

"Maybe," said Marta, looking a little sad. "See this patch here? My friend Robin and I had matching shirts. We just had to have them! This patch came from mine. It reminds me of her. She moved away when we were in fourth grade."

"Do you miss her?" asked Caitlyn.

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