The Tale of Patricius: Kidnapped! Part 1

The warm summer's sun was irresistible. Winter had been one of the coldest anyone could remember. Spring had not been in a hurry to contest the winter's frozen grip. It was only with summer's determined effort that the weather finally changed for the better. Today was the result.

Patricius (pa-TRICK-ee-us) could hardly drag his eyes from the window. He knew that all the others who lived in and around his parents' villa would be making the most of the sunshine, and he was stuck inside doing school work.

Tutorius, his teacher, ignored the sigh that Patricius loudly expressed. He understood the call of beautiful weather. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to let the boy out a little bit early. It wasn't as though his mind was on his work.

"Patricius," he said, clearing his throat, "I have something I need to do. Can you carry on here for a little while?" He knew that the boy would bolt at the first opportunity.

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