The Tale of Patricius: Kidnapped! Part 2

Patricius waved at a group of girls coming up from the water with purchases of fresh-caught fish for his mother's kitchen. He had half a mind to help them carry their burdens up to the villa. He hesitated just a moment. If he went back up, he was sure to be forced into doing more school work.

The teen shaded his eyes with his hand and looked out over the water. Another ship was coming in. They might be fishermen who had lost their way, or possibly traders. If he could get a look at the goods, he might see something he wanted.

Patricius hurried along the road and arrived just as the ship slipped in beside the quay. For a moment, he didn't notice the lack of cargo. Then he saw armed men bending down out of the way in an attempt to stay out of sight. The boy instantly knew who they were and spun on his heel, shouting aloud.

"Attack! Slavers! Help!" Patricius looked around for some kind of weapon as he rushed headlong away from the quay.

His yelling alerted the slavers that their ruse had been foiled. They began boiling out of their ship onto the quay with swords at the ready, while others followed with ropes.

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