Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources

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Short Readers
     Death Valley National Park (Short Reader; Grade 4-6 Readability)
     Death Smog In Donora, Pennsylvania (Short Reader; Grade 6-8 Readability)

Reading Comprehensions
     Death of a Pet (Grades 3-5)
     The Black Death (Grades 5-7)
     The Death of a Princess (Grades 5-7)

Reluctant Reader Books
     El Camino de la Muerte: The Road of Death (Grade 5-8)

Literature Book Units
     A Death in the Family (Grades 9-12)
     Death of a Salesman (Grades 9-12)
     No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row (Grades 9-12)

Read and Color Books
            Coming To America
            Symbols of Easter

Reading Comprehension Lesson Ideas
(Grades 1-2)
     Should We Go?
(Grades 3-5)
     African Elephants
     Color Me Blue
     Eight Days of Light
     Gertrude Chandler Warner
     Rachel Interviews Molly the Mosquito
     Ready, Aim, Shoot that Arrow!
     The Cattle Industry Grows
     The Great American Smokeout
     The Old Woman and Her Wish
     Tree Squirrels
     Wally the Walrus
     What Are Earthquakes?
     You Can Write a Ballad
(Grades 6-8)
     A Back That's Strong: Working for a Living in the 1890s, Part 1
     A Brief History of Hygiene
     A Guatemalan Girl Gets Enough to Eat
     A Revolver and a Showman
     A Star Spangled Performance, Part 1
     An Afghan Girl Goes to School
     An Afghan Girl Goes to School
     Anna Marie Jarvis: The Mother of Mother's Day
     Anti-Slavery Movement
     Bessie Coleman: "World's Greatest Woman Flyer"
     Betsy Ross
     Beware of the Coastal Invaders!
     Black Blizzards and the Dust Bowl
     Blaise Pascal
     Charlotte, Emily, and Anne: The Bronte Sisters
     Chief Quanah Parker: Last Chief of the Comanches
     Coffin Ship to America, Part 1
     Comprehension Skills
     Dealing With Losing a Parent
     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
     Easter Symbols
     Elephants Never Forget Animal Cruelty
     Elizabeth Cady Stanton
     Endangered Dolphins
     Figurative Language
     G8 Summit 2001
     Gender Disparity in Togo: Celine's Story
     Greg Mortenson: International Peacemaker and Humanitarian, Part 2
     Greg Mortenson: International Peacemaker and Humanitarian, Part 1
     H. G. Wells
     Health Care Is Important
     Health Crises in Tanzania: Rehema's Story
     How Annah's Big Ears Saved the Day
     How Did Ancient Egyptians Make Mummies?
     How Do Penguins Survive the Cold?
     Indian Territory Becomes the State of Oklahoma
     Jacqueline Kennedy
     James Ramsey Ullman
     John Christopher
     John F. Kennedy
     Karl Marx
     Killer Whales
     Life Under a Microscope: Viruses
     Lincoln Home National Historic Site
     Lincoln Memorial
     Lou Hoover
     Making the Mark with Archery
     Marfan Syndrome
     Mary Pickersgill and the Star-Spangled Banner
     Mary Wollstonecraft
     Milton Bradley and the Checkered Game of Life
     Mitch Albom
     Mystery of the Missing Gold, Part One
     Natural Disasters: Disasters or Blessings?
     Neighbors Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant
     Nicole's Story: Dealing with Scoliosis
     Nutritional Safety
     Operation Iraqi Freedom
     Oseola McCarty: The Wisdom of a Washerwoman
     Peter Francisco: The Virginia Giant
     Phillis Wheatley, America's First Black Poet
     Polar Regions
     Pompey the Great
     Rehema's Story: Health Crises in Tanzania
     Robert Newton Peck
     Samantha Reed Smith, America's Youngest Ambassador
     Secondhand Smoke
     Sharon Draper
     Steve Irwin Killed by Stingray
     Stinky Air Pollution and the Great London Smog
     Thanksgiving's Superhero: Sarah Hale
     The "Witches" of Salem, Massachusetts: Part 2
     The "Witches" of Salem, Massachusetts: Part 1
     The Apache Kid: Outlaw Legend of the Southwest, Part 1
     The Apache Kid: Outlaw Legend of the Southwest, Part 2
     The Art of Face Painting
     The Case of the Disappearing Bats
     The Chartist Movement
     The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906
     The History of Red Ribbon Week
     The Hubble Space Telescope
     The Iraq War
     The New Morran Family
     The Paper Clips Project
     The Pilgrims' Life in the New World
     The Race to Nome: The 1925 Alaska Serum Run
     The Reign of Terror
     The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918
     The Tri-State Tornado of 1925
     Thurgood Marshall
     Tom Thomson: Canada's First Great Expressionist
     Trail of Tears, Part 2
     Train Bombing in Madrid
     Tsunami in the Indian Ocean
     What Are the Effects of Smoking?
     What Is a Heart Attack?
     What Is Religion?
     Your Blood's Other Job
(Grades 9-12)
     Ambrose Bierce
     Ambrose Bierce
     Ambrose Bierce
     Arthur Miller
     Carrie Chapman Catt: Founder of The League of Women Voters
     Earth's Oldest Animals?
     Edith Wharton
     Ernest J. Gaines
     F. Scott Fitzgerald
     Flannery O'Connor
     George and Ira Gershwin: Musical Teamwork
     Grace Abbott: Child Labor Activist
     Health Care Is Important
     How to Leave a Gang
     Hurricane Katrina, August 2005
     International Year of Sanitation: Saliha's Story
     Ishmael Beah
     Janet Bode
     Kate Chopin
     Leonard Bernstein: Peace and Harmony
     Lorraine Hansberry
     Misguided Fanatic or Hero? John Brown
     Of Pain and Music: Biography of Pyotr Tchaikovsky
     Olive Ann Burns
     On The Road With Alice Ramsey
     Ralph Ellison
     Robert Cormier
     Robert Lipsyte
     Samuel Beckett
     Seamus Heaney
     Sharon Creech
     Stephen Crane
     The Brooks and Baxter War
     The Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964
     The Long Island Express: The New England Hurricane of 1938
     The Romans in Britain: Hadrian's Wall
     The Sound of Their Music: Biography of Rodgers and Hammerstein
     Write a Ballad

(Grades 3-5)
     Ms. Moyer, Tour Guide

(no assigned grade level)
     Ancient Egypt - Daily Life
     Ancient Egypt - Gods and Pharaohs
     Billy the Kid
(Grades 1-2)
     Ancient Greece - Hercules
(Grades 3-5)
     Ancient Greece - Traditions and Daily life
     Fiji - Traditions
     New Jersey
     Poland - Geography
     Quebec Theme - Polar Bears
     The Race of All Races
(Grades 6-8)
     Argentina - History
     Armenia - History
     Cote d'Ivoire - Culture
     France - History
     Hungary - History
     Iceland - Culture
     Kenya - History
     Kenya - Traditions and Daily Life
     Khufu's Great Pyramid
     Mongolia - History
     Netherlands - Culture: Rembrandt
     Noah Webster
     Poland - History
     South Africa - History
     Supreme Court Justice – Thurgood Marshall
     The Big Burp
     The Trail of Tears
     Uruguay - Culture: Horacio Quiroga
     Vatican - Culture
(Grades 9-12)
     Chile - History
     Cuba - History
     Nepal - History
     Paraguay - History
     Puerto Rico - History
     Uruguay - History

Finish the Story
     Sneaky, Slithering Sam (Grade 2-4)
     What If The Dinosaurs Came Back? (Grade 3-6)
     Aunt Lou Meets Lily (Grade 4-5)

What Would You Do?
     Grandpa's Giving (Grade 5-6)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     Giving a Speech (Emotions) (Grades 1-3)
     Two Guys and a Really Big Bear (Grades 2-4)
     Picking on the New Kid (Grades 4-12)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Emperor Penguins (Grade 2-3)
     Chang's Chinese New Year (Grade 3-4)
     S Is For St. Patrick (Grade 3-5)
     Emperor Penguins (Grade 4-5)
     Sharks (Grade 4-5)
     The Crazy Crashes of NASCAR (Grade 4-5)
     CA is for California (Grade 4-6)
     It's a Chocolate Thing (Grade 4-6)
     Motorcycles (Grade 4-6)
     MT is for Montana (Grade 4-6)
     VA is for Virginia (Grade 4-6)
     Pirate Ships and Pirate Crews (Grade 4-8)
     Amazing Spiders (Grade 5-6)
     Vampires (Grade 5-6)
     Venomous Snakes (Grade 5-6)
     Watch Out! I'm Dangerous! (Grade 5-6)
     Wow! The New Seven Wonders of the World! (Grade 5-6)
     CSI: Careers in Forensics (Grade 5-7)
     Extreme Destinations (Grade 5-7)
     Fossils From Bone Cabin Quarry, 1898 (Grade 5-7)
     The National Baseball Hall of Famers: The First Ten (Grade 5-7)
     What's Behind the Mask? (Grade 5-7)
     Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (Grade 5-8)
     Famous Pirates (Grade 5-8)
     Let's Eat: Unusual Foods! (Grade 5-8)
     Let's Go Riding: Snowmobile Fun! (Grade 5-8)
     Pirates: Fact or Fiction? (Grade 5-8)
     Totem Poles (Grade 5-8)
     Castles: Magnificent Palaces (Grade 6-8)
     Famous Cemeteries Around the World (Grade 6-8)
     Famous Cemeteries in the U.S. (Grade 6-8)

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