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4 Classroom Activity Ideas for Valentine's Day

Help your students fall head over heels for learning this Valentine's Day.

4 Classroom Activity Ideas for Valentine's Day

It may be known as the day of sweet cards and sugary treats, but why not capitalize on Cupid's day and create an engaging learning environment your students will love? Let's take advantage of that excitement and channel it away from the sweets - just for a bit! - and use that energy to engage in some exciting learning tasks. We've gathered ideas from across all content areas to help you do just that.

#1 STEM Activities (and we're not talking about flowers!)

It's time for Cupid to draw back his bow, and he may need a little help from your students. Can your students launch a rocket like Cupid's arrow? Can they melt candy hearts? What observations can they make while using traditional Valentine's Day candies in a myriad of science experiments?

These Valentine STEM challenges are designed to engage your students' creativity and strengthen their understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math.

This site is filled with great ideas that can easily be adapted to any grade or ability level. Be sure to check out the Lego heart mazes and Valentine's Day slime! These are not only fun and educational but also appropriate. Let's be honest. Navigating through love can sometimes feel like a maze and be a bit messy. We might as well help our students learn that now!

Are your older students up for a challenge? This series of heart-building challenges will encourage them to think outside the box (or bag!) and engineer the best and most creative Lego hearts while using limited supplies.

Let's also see if they can harness the power of static electricity and make Cupid fly. Allow this STEM activity to be a springboard for asking good questions. How does this work? Why does it work? What happens if we change some of the supplies? All of these Valentine's STEM activities will inspire great curiosity, and isn't that the heart of learning?

#2 Writing (and we're not talking about love notes!)

There are so many different ways you can use Valentine's Day as a catalyst to help your students write. If you're looking for a series of thematic writing prompts, check out these twelve ideas. Each one is designed to spark creativity - your students will love having a chance to share their opinions and freely express their ideas on paper.

Or try these Valentine's Day writing worksheets that your students will love. The "Finish the Story" prompts will help to set the stage at the beginning and inspire your students to get creative as they write a new ending.

The "What Would YOU Do?" activities are a powerful way to promote problem-solving and character education. They help your students think about how they would respond to a Valentine's problem and write their solutions. There are countless resources here! Check them out for easy downloads that are ready to use right away.

Take advantage of the kindness theme this holiday and encourage your students to write compliments to each other by creating complimats.

In this writing activity, students start with a heart-shaped placemat at their desks. They first write themselves a compliment. This can be as simple as a kind adjective or a specific, affirming sentence. Next, have the entire class move around the room and write a compliment on every classmate's placemat. This is a powerful way to remind students of how special they are!

Likewise, encourage your students to celebrate how loveable and unique they are as individuals with this growth mindset writing activity. Help your students brainstorm what they can do, who they are, and all that they have. This graphic organizer helps your class focus on their special traits and then craft these into powerful sentences. There's so much to love about each of the students in our classrooms, and this writing activity helps us see that!

#3 Centers (and we're not talking about the goodies in the middle of a chocolate bar!)

We all know that it can be a challenge to keep students focused in the midst of holiday excitement. Students love all the goofy silliness that comes with Valentine's Day. We found a series of powerful math centers that will help get some of the wiggles out by allowing students to move around the room while also keeping them focused. Don't tell them, but they'll actually be learning while having fun. Shhh!

These free math centers and printables will really come in handy. Try the equivalent fraction center as a great way to introduce or review the concept. You can also use the Sweetheart math printable for a center or for independent or partner work to help your class focus on fractions in their simplest form. Assuming they don't eat too many candy hearts, they should have plenty left to finish the task!

If you're looking for Valentine's Day math centers for younger students, check out these Top Ten Valentine's Day math centers which are all ready for you to download and use this month.

Why not set up three different centers each day? You can have your students read the room, sort candy hearts, and work on thematic graphing while you work with your small group or help those who need additional support. Your students will be excited and on-task at the same time!

#4 Read or Read Aloud (and we're still not talking about love notes!)

Are you looking for a handful of great books to have your students read or to read to them this Valentine's Day? We found a few lists perfect for younger and older students alike.

Scholastic has also created a list of popular and engaging titles. Each title has a quick synopsis that will make it easy to choose the stories that will be best for your class.

Check out your local or school library to see which titles are available and then use these books as a springboard for a great discussion. What are the characters feeling? What are the different points of view? What was the author's purpose in writing this? Do you have any real-world connections to the story? You could even turn these books into a reader's theater. Have different groups of students perform them as a play! The possibilities are endless!

Few things excite our students as much as class parties and cards filled with candy, but with a little intention (and a little bit of planning), these tried-and-true activities may have your students counting down to next Valentine's Day - and not just because they are craving candy hearts.

Bonus Idea: Free Activity Pages

What could be better than free Valentine's Day activity pages and worksheets?

Try these free worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, or for 6th grade.