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Social Skills

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Social Skills
             Social Skills


Read and Color
            I Can Make a Difference

Find the Differences and Ponder the Picture
            Find the Differences and Ponder the Picture Puzzle
            Find the Differences and Ponder the Picture Puzzle
            Find the Differences and Ponder the Picture Puzzle
            Find the Differences and Ponder the Picture Puzzle

Short Readers
     Make a Difference Express (Short Reader; Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Fair and Equal - What's the Difference? (Short Reader; Grade 3-5 Readability)

Reading Comprehensions
     A Little Planning Makes All the Difference
     Making a Difference in Faraway Lands (Grades 3-5)
     Being the Difference (Grades 3-6)
     Making a Difference (Grades 4-6)
     The Differences between Italian, Spenserian, and English Sonnets (Grades 9-12)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Excuse Me! Wacky and Wild Cultural Differences (Grade 5-6)

Read and Color Books
            Unsinkable Molly Brown
            Is it a Violin or Fiddle?
            Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Read and Color

Reading Comprehension Lesson Ideas
(Grades 6-8)
     Charles Henry Turner
     Henry David Thoreau

(no assigned grade level)
     Vitamins & Minerals
     Working Cattle on the Lucky Seven Ranch
(Grades 3-5)
     A Flower Mystery: Is It a Bulb or a Corm?
     Advertising: Fact or Opinion?
     Alice's Spring
     Andrew Carnegie
     Angel Island
     Are You a Gorilla?
     Attitude - Your Tone Says It All
     Being Safe in a Thunderstorm
     Bridging People and Places
     Budget Blues
     Celine's Story: Gender Disparity in Togo
     Common Cents
     Dangerous Products for Dogs
     Diamonds and Graphite
     Far Away Friends
     Fugitive Slave Law
     Garon Gets Glasses
     Honeybee or Wasp?
     How Do We Smell Things?
     How to Deal with Gangs
     How We See
     Ingrid and the Minimum Wage Battle in Germany
     Is it Okay to Argue?
     Jenna Needs a Doctor
     Laura Helps the Street Children of Ecuador
     Liz Overcomes Homelessness in America
     Locks of Love
     Mikhail's Story: Change in Armenia
     New Year, New Goals
     Oh, Say Can You See?
     On the Edge
     Paying Your Bills on Time
     Paying Your Gas Bill
     Rachel Interviews Mandy
     Rainy or Fair?
     School Lunches
     Small Sparrows
     Sweet Revenge
     The Basics of Breakfast
     The Heritage Farm
     The Nose Knows
     The Peasant and the Apple Tree
     The Quebec Separatists
     The Story of Irgiz in Romania
     Tidal Range
     What Did You Touch?
     What Is Air?
     What's a Blizzard?
     Where's Robbie?, Chapter 5
     You Can Write Blank Verse
     Your Body
     Youth Unite to Build Houses
(Grades 6-8)
     A Brief History of Hygiene
     A Story of Anti-Personnel Mines: Maria's Story
     A Tale of Deforestation
     Ally Carter
     Animal Cells: Cells Without Walls
     Annie Wignall's Care Bags
     Asteroids and Comets
     Best Friends Animal Society
     Bipolar Disorder
     Bird Flu
     Butter vs. Margarine
     Captain Maher's Job: Is the Hudson River Safe?
     Charlotte Forten - Early Activist
     Choose Your Own Ending
     Cleft Lip and Palate
     Climate During The Cenozoic Era
     Comparing Centipedes and Millipedes
     Could There Be Water on the Moon?
     Crocodilian Cousins: Alligators and Crocodiles
     Danny, Betsy, and Turkeys 4 America
     Do Not Stand Idly By
     Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?
     Draft Law and Riots
     Edward Everett Hale - A Boy's Life in New England
     Electric Guitar
     Emma Hart Willard
     Extreme Fashions
     Extreme Sand Sculpting
     Fiscal Policy
     Food Poisoning
     George H. W. Bush
     Glacier Movements and Effects on Climate
     Halifax's Deadly Explosion
     Hearing the Call to Help Deaf Children in Mexico
     Homelessness in America
     How Do Frogs Croak?
     How Does Paint Work?
     How Does Wii Work?
     Human Genome Project
     Human Impact on Earth
     Injuries and Illness
     Javed in Pakistan: A Problem with Illiteracy
     Javed's Schooling in Pakistan
     Karen Cushman
     Leap Year 2008
     Live Earth Concert 2007
     Low Voter Turnout
     Making a Budget
     Mapping the Earth's Surface
     Maria's Story: A Village of Land Mines
     Matter - Introduction
     Melting Glaciers
     Milk Nutrition
     Minimum Wage in Germany
     Mountain Biomes
     My New Red Shoes
     Mystery of the Brilliant Student
     Mystery of the Diary Entry
     Naval Warfare
     Noise Pollution Near Home
     Nutrition of the Elderly
     Obesity in Children
     Ocean Water on the Move
     Paying Your Electric Bill
     Plant Cells: Cells With Walls
     Pompey the Great
     Predicting the Weather
     Reform in Armenia: Mikhail's Story
     Romania: The Story of Irgiz and the Abandoned Children
     Ryan Says, "Clean Water for All!"
     Saliha's Story: The Year of Sanitation
     Sense of Taste
     Sense of Touch
     Sharon Draper
     Sherman Alexie, Jr.
     Shishmaref: A Tale of Global Warming
     Sign Language
     Signal Words
     Soft Money
     Strategies for Effective Reading - Before You Read
     Susie Baker - Black Teacher
     The Appalachian Mountains
     The History of Red Ribbon Week
     The Largest Rodent of All: The Giant Beaver
     The Mudpuppy
     The Mysterious Double Life of Miss Fluffy
     The Mystery of the Fifth Window, Part One
     The New Ocean
     The Northwest Rebellion
     The Picture of a President
     The Reason for the Seasons
     The Rocky Planets
     The Street Children of Ecuador
     There Is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question
     Trevor Ferrell: A Story of Brotherly Love
     Understanding Point of View
     Water Pollution in the Hudson River: Captain Maher's Story
     Weapons of War
     What Can You Do About Global Warming?
     What Causes Weather?
     What Goes Into a Political Poll?
     What Is Batik?
     What's a Preschooler to Drink?
     Why Families Eat Together
     Why Me?, Part 1
     Zlata Filipovic
(Grades 9-12)
     Ernest J. Gaines
     International Year of Sanitation: Saliha's Story
     Pharaoh Ramses II
     Sonnet Writing Made Easy (or Easier)
     The Know Nothing Party
     The Know Nothing Party
     Write a Portrait Poem

(Grades 3-5)
     Dinner Out
(Grades 6-8)
     A Hunger for History

(no assigned grade level)
     Italy - Culture
(Grades 3-5)
     Venezuela - Geography
(Grades 6-8)
     Canada - Daily Life
     Pakistan - Culture
     Russia - Geography
     Vietnam - Culture
(Grades 9-12)
     Vietnam - History

Finish the Story
     Advertising Mom (Grade 2-4)
     A World of Bikes (Grade 3-4)
     Great-Grandma Betts (Grade 3-4)
     Snowflake Magic (Grade 4-5)

What Would You Do?
     I Wish... (Grade 2-4)
     That's What Friends Are For (Grade 3-5)
     Save the Planet One Kid at a Time (Grade 3-6)
     Making the Grade (Grade 3-6)
     The Problem with Sharing (Grade 6-8)
     Witness to Bullying (Grade 6-8)
     Boycott the Olympics? (Grade 6-9)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     Mending the Sky: A Story from China (Grades 2-3)
     The Frog Who Went to the Sky: A Tale from Angola (Grades 3-4)
     The Hedgehog's Race: A Story from Scotland (Grades 3-4)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Brave Ruby Bridges (Grade 3-4)
     Life on a Tour Bus (Grade 3-4)
     Oil in the Gulf (Grade 3-4)
     Dylan and Cole Sprouse (Grade 3-5)
     Types of Auto Racing (Grade 3-5)
     Cameras (Grade 4-6)
     It's a Chocolate Thing (Grade 4-6)
     Roller Coasters (Grade 4-6)
     So You Want to Be a Fashion Designer? (Grade 5-6)
     Vampires (Grade 5-6)
     Amazing Mazes (Grade 5-8)
     Endangered Animals (Grade 5-8)

Social Skills
             Social Skills


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