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            Baby Butterflies

Read and Color
            Baby's Schedule
            Baby's Firsts
            "Rock-A-Bye Baby"

Bulletin Board
            "Bundle Up, Baby!" Bulletin Board

Reading Comprehensions
     The Baby Goes Bump
     Baby Talk Art (Grades 2-4)
     Buying Baby Toys (Grades 3-5)
     Trouble in the Nursery — A Baby Nation Goes to War (Grades 5-7)
     Inventions for Babies (Grades 8-9)

Finish the Story
     Rainforest Babies (Grade 2-3)

Literature Book Units
     Oh, Baby! (Katie Kazoo Switcheroo #3) (Grades 2-4)
     A Baby Sister for Frances (Grades 0-2)

Read and Color Books
            What is Spring?
            Symbols of Easter
            Spring on the Jones Farm
            A Stocking for My Sister
            From Pumpkin to Jack-O-Lantern
            The Quail Has Quite a Family
            Babies with a 'B'
            Robin and Rodney Red Breast
            Fussy Duck's Birthday Surprise (February 10)
            A Flock Drops By (February 15)
            A Flock Drops By (February 15)
            A Well-Dressed Guest (January 15)
            Which Horse is Just Right? (December 9)
            Dinosaurs Came in Many Shapes! (October)
            Sam and Susie
            Bears, Bubbles, and Boats
            A Big Boy
            A Mother Always Loves You - Read and Color
            Introduction to December
            Lee and Lena
            It's Time for Spring!

Reading Comprehension Lesson Ideas
(Grades 1-2)
     My Red Hen
     Shoots and Roots
     Slow and Steady--The Sloth
(Grades 3-5)
     A Fairy Treat (National Cotton Candy Day)
     A Good Idea
     A Honey of a Bee!
     A Kid's Best Friend
     African Elephants
     Amber Pumpkins
     An Ancient New Year
     An Odd Fish, the Seahorse
     And Called It Macaroni
     Armadillos: Mammals with Armor
     Bats: Furry, Flying Mammals
     Bengal Tiger
     Biff for President
     Bighorn Sheep
     Blue-Footed Boobies
     Brown Bears
     Building a House
     Bumblebee Bat
     Butterfly Life Cycle
     Can Children Live in the White House?
     Can Children Live in the White House?
     Color Me Blue
     David A. Adler
     Dinosaur Eggs
     Do Animals Have Bellybuttons?
     Doug and Darcy Learn About Stepfamilies
     Dr. Seuss
     Emperor Penguins
     Family Reunion
     Fascinating Frogs
     Freddy for President
     Gary the Goat?
     Going Batty
     Grandma's Helper Gets Help
     Greenland Sharks
     Hayly the Arctic Hare
     I Know a Kid...
     It's Super Sockeye!
     Jack and Jill Jumped up the Hill! All About Red Kangaroos
     Jamal Has Big Trouble from a Bug Bite
     Jimmy's Hat
     Keith and the Tiger Tragedy
     Keith Interviews Jimmy, the Loggerhead Turtle
     Kevin Henkes
     Making a Calendar
     Making a Calendar
     Mikhail's Story: Change in Armenia
     Mountain Goats
     Mr. Penguin, Watch that Egg!
     My Ears
     My New Sister
     Opossum Surprise
     Painting a Rainbow
     People Need Ears
     Plant Parts
     Sea Turtles
     Slap Me Some Fin!
     Snow Leopard
     Special Goslings
     Spider or Insect?
     Spider or Insect?
     Stages of Plant Growth
     Stan and Jan Berenstain
     Stories in Our Head
     Stories in Our Head
     Take a Tour of the Skeletal System, Part 2
     Taking Care of Your Teeth
     The Bat Man
     The Flying Panzer
     The Gentle Manatee
     The Giant Panda
     The Goose Brigade
     The Life Cycle of a Frog
     The Mystery of the Big Balloon
     The Night the Sky Cracked
     The Seahorse Dance
     The Sounds, Scents, and Stories of Christmas
     The Story of Irgiz in Romania
     The Tiniest Winter Wonderland
     Todd the Arctic Fox
     Too Many Davids
     Too Many Puppies and Kittens!
     Torn Apart and Back Together
     What Did You Touch?
     What Is an Amphibian?
     Who Was Sacagawea?
     Why President Lincoln Grew a Beard
     Wild Turkeys
     You Can Write a Ballad
(Grades 6-8)
     A Small Mosquito Bite Causes Big Trouble
     Adélie Penguins
     Animals With Backbones
     Annie Wignall's Care Bags
     Arctic Terns
     Autumn Migrations
     Basking Sharks
     Birthday Traditions Around The World
     Brain Foods
     Children in the White House
     Children in the White House
     Children in the White House
     Comparing Centipedes and Millipedes
     Crocodilian Senses
     Cuddly Koalas
     Dealing With Losing a Parent
     Don't Litter: Fix Your Pets!
     E. L. Konigsburg
     Eleanor Roosevelt
     Elephants Never Forget Animal Cruelty
     Emperor Penguins
     Endangered Animals
     Eructation-What is a Burp?
     Fuzzy, Fascinating Tarantulas!
     Giant Anteaters
     Gray Whale Migration
     Growing Up in the White House
     Growing Up in the White House
     Growing Up in the White House
     Hawaiian Monk Seals
     Health Crises in Tanzania: Rehema's Story
     Hearing the Call to Help Deaf Children in Mexico
     How Do Airbags Work?
     How Do Ants Build Colonies?
     How Do Penguins Survive the Cold?
     How Do Spiders Spin Their Webs?
     How Does a Yo-Yo Work?
     How Does Paint Work?
     How Vaccines Work
     I'm your tooth
     Johnny Clem, "Drummer Boy of Chickamauga"
     Leatherback Sea Turtles
     Living on a Reservation: Shawn's Story
     Marfan Syndrome
     Nancy Pelosi, Lady of Power
     Nicole's Story: Dealing with Scoliosis
     Noise Pollution Near Home
     Population Three Hundred Million
     Preserving the Shining Sea from Ocean Pollution
     Raccoons, the Masked Bandits
     Red (and Blue!) Kangaroos
     Reform in Armenia: Mikhail's Story
     Rehema's Story: Health Crises in Tanzania
     Romania: The Story of Irgiz and the Abandoned Children
     Sacagawea: Teen Pioneer
     Sacagawea: Teen Pioneer
     Shaun White
     Shawn's Story: Living on a Reservation
     Siberian Tigers
     Skeletal System - Healthy Bones
     Skeletal System
     Systems - Those Mighty, Mighty Ants!
     Tasmanian Devils
     The Albatross
     The Dream Catcher
     The Laughing Kookaburra
     The Mystery of the Hidden Photograph, Part One
     The Mystery of the Hidden Photograph, Part Three
     The Mystery of the Hidden Photograph, Part Two
     The Wombat
     What Are the Effects of Smoking?
     Where Have the Bats Gone?
(Grades 9-12)
     Kate Chopin
     Robert Lipsyte
     Sharon Creech
     Write a Ballad

(no assigned grade level)
     A Visit to Roger Williams Park Zoo
     Ancient Egypt - Gods and Pharaohs
     Where it All Began – The Lewis and Clark Expedition
(Grades 1-2)
     Ancient Greece - Hercules
(Grades 3-5)
     Ancient Greece - Traditions and Daily life
     Christmas in Italy
     Quebec Theme - Polar Bears
(Grades 6-8)
     Born Free – Mary McLeod-Bethune
     The Trail of Tears
     Ukraine - Culture

Finish the Story
     A Strange Egg! (Grade 1-3)
     Seeing the World (Grade 2-3)
     Sky Bears (Grandpa Story part 2) (Grade 2-3)
     The Goose that Laid the Unusual Egg (Grade 2-4)
     The Sheep and the Wolf (Grade 3-4)
     Got (Chocolate) Milk? (Grade 3-5)
     Zorro the Zookeeper's Surprise (Grade 3-6)
     What If The Dinosaurs Came Back? (Grade 3-6)
     The Magic Hat (Grade 3-6)
     Inside the Haunted House (Grade 4-5)
     The Big Fire (Grade 4-6)
     Martha Manatee Hears a Roar! (Grade 4-6)
     Thrillsville (Grade 4-6)

What Would You Do?
     Leave Those Eggs Alone! (Grade 3-6)
     Do I Have to Do a Recital? (Grade 4-6)
     What Do I Do Now? (Grade 6-8)
     Pregnancy Rumor (Grade 9-12)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     What's a Family Tree? (Grades 1-2)
     Penny Penguin Finds a Home (Grades 1-3)
     The Pine Tree Problem (Grades 1-3)
     At the Farm (Grades 2-3)
     The Wonderful World of Whales (Grades 2-3)
     How the Kangaroo Got Her Pouch: An Australian Aboriginal Legend (Grades 2-4)
     Going to the Family Reunion (Grades 3-5)
     King Sejong and His Alphabet: A Korean Tale (Grades 4-5)
     Organization (Grades 6-7)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Trick of the Clown Witch (Grade 1-2)
     Giant Pandas (Grade 2-3)
     Oh Man, Stan! (Grade 2-3)
     Strange But True: Wacky World Records About the Human Body (Grade 2-3)
     Strange but True: Wild and Wacky Laws (Grade 2-3)
     Porter's Letters to Griffin (Grade 3)
     Brave Ruby Bridges (Grade 3-4)
     Meet Miley (Grade 3-4)
     Pass it Peyton! Peyton Manning (Grade 3-4)
     Percy the Penguin (Grade 3-4)
     Spiders (Grade 3-4)
     Weird and Wonderful You! Book #2 (Grade 3-4)
     Early Years of a Leader (Grade 4-5)
     Getting to Know the Jonas Brothers (Grade 4-5)
     Meet President Obama (Grade 4-5)
     Save the Giant Pandas (Grade 4-5)
     Shaquille O'Neal (Grade 4-5)
     Snakes (Grade 4-5)
     Ten Fascinating Facts About Bats (Grade 4-5)
     C Is For Christmas (Grade 4-6)
     LA is for Louisiana (Grade 4-6)
     Oh, the Stories He Wrote! The Life of Dr. Seuss (Grade 4-6)
     So You Want to Paint Your Room! (Grade 4-6)
     T Is for Thanksgiving (Grade 4-6)
     Amazing Spiders (Grade 5-6)
     Jennifer Hudson (Grade 5-6)
     Muskoxen (Grade 5-6)
     President Barack Obama (Grade 5-6)
     Vampires (Grade 5-6)
     The National Toy Hall of Fame (Grade 6-8)

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