Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources

Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans

Read and Color
            What Are Living Things?
            Our Living Constitution

Short Readers
     Living Amongst Dinosaurs (Short Reader; Grade 5-7 Readability)

Reading Comprehensions
     Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant (Grades 1-3)
     Cleaning the Living Room (Grades 3-4)
     Living With a Young Abe Lincoln (Grades 3-5)
     Living in Mexico (Grades 4-6)
     Neighbors Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant (Grades 4-6)
     How People Affect Other Living Things (Grades 5-6)
     Shawn's Story: Living on a Reservation (Grades 6-7)
     Our Living Constitution, Part 1 (Grades 6-8)
     Our Living Constitution, Part 2 (Grades 6-8)
     A Back That's Strong: Working for a Living in the 1890s, Part 1 (Grades 6-8)
     Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt: Working for a Living in the 1890s, Part 2 (Grades 6-8)
     Living on a Reservation: Shawn's Story (Grades 8-12)

Finish the Story
     Living in the Wild, Wild West (Grade 3-5)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     Living in the Sahara Desert (Grades 3-4)

Read and Color Books
            Coming To America
            A History of Mother's Day
            Our Flag
            Yancy Yak from Yakima
            Tiffany Forgives Mommy (March 18)

Reading Comprehension Lesson Ideas
(Grades 3-5)
     Written Story-Telling

Daily Themes
(Grades 1-2)
     9-11 Search Dogs
     A Lesson Learned about Fire Safety
     A Winter Surprise
     Grandma's Non-birthday Card
     Lucy's Lesson
     Mark Is Too Busy
     My Best Friend
     The "doptid" Dog
     The Runaway Snake
     Willing to Lend a Hand
(Grades 3-5)
     "Larry Bird Ball"
     20 Days of Christmas
     A Hot Time in the Old Town
     A Special Kind of Day
     Alita Becomes a Citizen
     Andy's Top
     Camping Trip Cancelled
     Circles, Squares, and Lines
     Diana, Princess of Wales
     Full of Dreams
     Glacier National Park
     Grandpa's in the Doghouse
     Haley's Grouchy Birthday Party
     Happy Holiday Ethiopia!
     How Sweet It Is
     Jo and the Yo-Yo
     Just a Child
     Kyle Wants to Help
     Land of Ice
     Laura Lane Welch Bush
     Living on a Volcano
     Mardi Gras
     Never-ending Ideas
     New Name Fun
     One of the Boys
     Only Timmy!
     Talking Around the World
     The "Lone Star" Is Not Lonely
     The Wildest Guess
     The Wizard's Wizard
     When He Was My Age

(Grades 1-2)
     A Cell
     Caitlyn's Class
     Canada's Prairie Farmers
     Catch a Canary
     Come to the Reef
     I Live at a Shelter
     Lydia Sells Purple Cloth
     My Brother Is in a Wheelchair!
     Pine Cone Garland
     Poppy's Park
     The After School Snack
     The Sassy Squirrel
     Tommy Gets a Pet
     Una's Magic Umbrella
(Grades 3-5)
     A Good Day for a Nature Walk
     A New Life
     A Tale of Health Care
     An E-mail from Randy Raindrop
     An E-mail from William Weather
     Angel Island
     Annabelle from Uganda Fights HIV
     Birds in the House
     Bosco's Manners
     Building a House
     Christmas at the Shelter
     Comparing Plants and Animals
     Far Away Friends
     Freddy for President
     Ginger Village Panic
     Hungry, Handsome Hippo
     I Wish I Were ...
     Keith Interviews Carla Condor
     Keith Interviews Glenn Gorilla
     Keith Interviews Mei, the Giant Panda
     Kids in Depression Times: Wally - 1938
     Milo's Mittens
     Monkey See, Monkey Do
     Nature's Repeating Patterns
     Needs for Life
     Rainforest in Daylight
     Simba and the Mouse
     Take a Tour of the Skeletal System, Part 1
     Tawa and the Spider Woman (A Hopi Legend)
     That Pretty White Dog
     The Great American Smokeout
     The Life Cycle of a Frog
     The New House
     The Pueblo
     Wendy's World - A Man With a Dream
     Wendy's World - Columbus Day
     Wendy's World- Guilty or Not Guilty?
     Wendy's World- Meet Mr. Lincoln
     Wendy's World- Monuments
     Wendy's World- Natural Resources
     Wendy's World- Thomas Edison
     What Do Germs Do?
     What's In a Name?
     Wish for Fireworks
     You Like Him Best!, Part 3
     ~NAME0~ Takes a Shower

(Grades 1-2)
     Arthur's Dreams
     Milk and Broccoli
     No Fun Tonight

(Grades 3-5)
     Arrowhead Found!
     Florida Fishing
     Helping Others in Need
     Peru - Geography
     The Northern Utes

Finish the Story
     Better than Video (Grade 2-3)
     Zero, Where Are You? (Grade 2-3)
     Finding Pete (Grade 2-4)
     The Wrong Ingredient! (Grade 2-4)
     A Family of Veterans (Grade 3-4)
     Charlotte's Grandmother (Grade 3-4)
     Harvey (Grade 3-4)
     Great-Grandma Betts (Grade 3-4)
     Nutcracker to the Rescue (Grade 3-4)
     A Textbook Case (Grade 3-4)
     Minchin's King Cake (Grade 3-4)
     Here, Kitty, Kitty (Grade 3-5)
     Terence the Turkey Has a Plan (Grade 3-6)
     Fourth of July Surprise (Grade 3-6)
     An Adventure in Time (Grade 3-6)
     Journey into the Human Body (Grade 3-6)
     Another Day on the Farm (Grade 3-6)
     What If The Dinosaurs Came Back? (Grade 3-6)
     The Shoemaker (Grade 3-6)
     Winter Break (Grade 4)
     Whodunit? (Grade 4-6)
     A Trip to the Rainforest (Grade 4-6)
     Crossing the Ocean to America (Grade 4-6)
     Are You In? (Grade 4-6)
     The Legend (Grade 5-6)
     Self-interest Alone Moves Some Men (Grade 5-6)
     Grandma and Grandpa's Farm (Grade 6-8)
     Let's Find Out (Grade 6-8)
     Veterans Day (Grade 6-8)

What Would You Do?
     The Spooky Koops House (Grade 3-6)
     Women's Right To Vote-What If It Hadn't Happened? (Grade 4-7)
     If You Were An Immigrant in 1893 (Grade 6-8)
     Gift Clothes (Grade 6-8)
     College Dorm or Stay at Home? (Grade 11-12)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     A Talking Bear Learns about Manners (Grades 1-2)
     The Perfect Place (Grades 1-2)
     Half-Chick: A Tale from Spain (Grades 2-3)
     The Ram and the Pig (Grades 2-3)
     The Wonderful World of Whales (Grades 2-3)
     A New House (Grades 2-4)
     Ocean Animals (Grade 3)
     Party Preparation (Grade 3)
     Cheng and Jian: The Story of Two Chinese Brothers (Grades 3-4)
     Community Helpers (Grades 3-4)
     How the Dog Came to Live With Man (Grades 3-4)
     The Story of the Stone Lion (Grades 3-4)
     Life in the African Savanna (Grades 3-5)
     The Miser's Gold (Grades 3-5)
     The Talking Salmon (Grades 3-5)
     The Hearty Animals of the Polar Region (Grades 3-6)
     The Man Who Became a Caribou (Grades 3-8)
     A More Perfect Union (Grade 4)
     Sibling Cleaning Team (Grade 4)
     Gold for the Clever Man: A Tale from India (Grades 4-5)
     Picking on the New Kid (Grades 4-12)
     Organization (Grades 6-7)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Mike Visits a Beach (Grade 1-3)
     A Message from Fluffy (Grade 2-3)
     If I Lived at the White House... (Grade 2-3)
     Let's Meet Harriet Tubman (Grade 2-4)
     Porter's Letters to Griffin (Grade 3)
     Bug Off! Bizarre Bugs From Around the World (Grade 3-4)
     Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. (Grade 3-4)
     Meet Match the Fire Dog (Grade 3-4)
     Pass it Peyton! Peyton Manning (Grade 3-4)
     Presidential Pets (Grade 3-4)
     Room 127: Alex's X-Ray Vision (Grade 3-4)
     Room 127: Jack Jumps (Story #3) (Grade 3-4)
     Watch Out! It's a Wolfsnail! (Grade 3-4)
     Wild and Wacky Athlete Injuries (Grade 3-4)
     Your Cat's Baffling Behavior (Grade 3-4)
     Desert Habitat (Grade 3-5)
     Dylan and Cole Sprouse (Grade 3-5)
     Ocean Habitat (Grade 3-5)
     Prairie Habitat (Grade 3-5)
     Taylor Swift (Grade 3-5)
     Temperate Forest Habitat (Grade 3-5)
     There Once Was a Creature That Swallowed Another (Grade 3-5)
     ME is for Maine (Grade 3-6)
     Where, Oh Where is Monty the Bear? (Grade 3-6)
     Ants (Grade 4-5)
     Big, Bigger, and Biggest Animals (Grade 4-5)
     Busting Bad Luck Myths (Grade 4-5)
     Getting to Know the Jonas Brothers (Grade 4-5)
     Harriet Tubman (Grade 4-5)
     Kelly Pickler: From Small Town Girl to Big Time Star (Grade 4-5)
     Meet President Obama (Grade 4-5)
     Ten Fascinating Facts About Bats (Grade 4-5)
     Anne Frank (Grade 4-6)
     CT is for Connecticut (Grade 4-6)
     Hall of Records at Mount Rushmore (Grade 4-6)
     It's a Chocolate Thing (Grade 4-6)
     MO is for Missouri (Grade 4-6)
     MS is for Mississippi (Grade 4-6)
     MT is for Montana (Grade 4-6)
     Mysterious Cities (Grade 4-6)
     ND is for North Dakota (Grade 4-6)
     NE is for Nebraska (Grade 4-6)
     NM is for New Mexico (Grade 4-6)
     Rent-a-Genie, Book One (Grade 4-6)
     T Is for Thanksgiving (Grade 4-6)
     The Story of Cupid and Psyche (Grade 4-6)
     TN is for Tennessee (Grade 4-6)
     Tropical Rainforests (Grade 4-6)
     WA is for Washington (Grade 4-6)
     WI is for Wisconsin (Grade 4-6)
     Amazing Spiders (Grade 5-6)
     Baboons on the Loose (Grade 5-6)
     Muskoxen (Grade 5-6)
     My, Oh, My! Mummy Tales From Around the World (Grade 5-6)
     President Barack Obama (Grade 5-6)
     Rainbows (Grade 5-6)
     So You Want to Be a Fashion Model? (Grade 5-6)
     Vampires (Grade 5-6)
     Who "Dat?" That's Drew Brees! (Grade 5-6)
     Fossils From Bone Cabin Quarry, 1898 (Grade 5-7)
     Animals on the Arctic Tundra (Grade 5-8)
     Endangered Animals (Grade 5-8)
     Famous Pirates (Grade 5-8)
     Gypsies (Grade 5-8)
     Nessie and Friends: Famous Lake Monsters (Grade 5-8)
     Plants on the Arctic Tundra (Grade 5-8)
     The Tower of London (Grade 5-8)
     Totem Poles (Grade 5-8)
     Haiti Then and Now (Grade 6-7)
     Castles: Magnificent Palaces (Grade 6-8)
     Famous Cemeteries Around the World (Grade 6-8)
     Famous Cemeteries in the U.S. (Grade 6-8)

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