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Halloween Activities
            Costumes and Candy (Halloween Game)

Bulletin Board
            Class Cupid Candies - Language Art Activity

Give Your Students a Card
            Candy Cane Creations

Reading Comprehensions
     A Fairy Treat (National Cotton Candy Day) (Grades 3-4)

What Would You Do?
     Candy Counter (Grade 6-9)

Literature Book Units
     The Candy Corn Contest (Grades 1-3)

Read and Color Books
            Cinco de Mayo
            Treasure Your Teeth (PDF file)
            Fedex Frank Makes the Rounds
            A Stocking for My Sister
            Counting Bats
            A Day in Candyland (June 1)
            What Does Larry Like? (April 12)
            Steve's Perfect Ride (February 16)
            A New Treat (December 28)
            Fairy Floss for Felicity (December 7)
            Jack's Delicious Rocks (November 4)
            Sweet Dreams, Michael
            Cinco de Mayo Read and Color Book #1
            Easter around the World

Reading Comprehension Lesson Ideas
(Grades 3-5)
     The Math Teacher Who Made Picture Books
(Grades 6-8)
     Desi Arnaz
     Isaac Asimov
     Roald Dahl
     We Love Lucy!
(Grades 9-12)
     Johannes Brahms

Daily Themes
(Grades 1-2)
     An Underground Festival
     Chocolate People
     I'm a Poet and I Know It
     One Too Many
     The Sweetest House
     The Taffy Pull
     Tinkertoys and Tiddly Winks
     Up and Down, Up and Down
(Grades 3-5)
     20 Days of Christmas
     At Last, a Corn Dog
     Best Friends
     Gumdrop Q & A
     How Sweet It Is
     I Scream, You Scream
     Instant Energy
     Marielle's Dollar
     Mix for the Trail
     Pop! Pop! Pop!
     Purple Pup
     Sweet Miss Freddie
     Sweets for My Sweet
     The Chocolate Museum
     The Corny Search
     The Dictionary Mouse
     The Fruitcake
     The Golden Rule
     Too Much Chocolate
     What a Face!
     Yellow Friends
     You Got Chocolate in My Peanut Butter!
(Grades 6-8)
     4-H National Youth Science Day
     Canajan Eh?
     Charles Elmer Hires - Inventor of Root Beer
     Christmas on Two Calendars
     Diets are Not Our Friends
     Don't Dessert Me!
     Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday
     O. Henry
     Thomas Edison: More than the Light Bulb
     Who Invented Lollipops?

(no assigned grade level)
     First Day Back
     Pollution Management
(Grades 1-2)
     A Gingerbread House
     A Mask for Sam
     An Old Door
     Apples to Eat
     Clancy Clown
     G is for Gingerbread
     Grandpa's Cane
     Growers of Food
     Letters to Sam
     Magic Egg
     Mandy and Max
     Mrs. Hall's Special Day
     Pete's Pirate Party
     Tres Niños
     Whose Valentine?
     Why Frogs Are Green
(Grades 3-5)
     "Shikata Ga Nai" - That's Just the Way It Is, Part 2
     A Friendly Wave
     A Present that Made Sense
     A Shepherd's Snack
     A Sweet Time with Gingerbread
     All Animals Need to Eat Right
     Anna Goes to Camp
     Buying in Bulk
     Christmas Stockings
     Christmas Symbols (nonfiction)
     Dinner with Fred
     Do It Yourself Forecasting
     Easter around the World
     Easter Brunch
     Eating Healthy - Eat Right, Feel Good!
     Field Day
     Fired Up
     Fired Up
     Fruitcake -- A Sweet Christmas Treat
     Ginger Village Panic
     Hardscrabble Christmas III
     I Resolve
     Jake and Jackie Learn about Healthy Eating
     Jake and Jackie Learn About Oral Hygiene
     Meeting My World
     Minty's Christmas Surprise
     Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
     Opening a Savings Account
     Picky Paul
     Pirate Girl (part 3 of 3)
     Prize-winning Peanut Brittle
     Supply and Demand
     The Basics of Breakfast
     The Best Valentine’s Day Ever
     The Cider Party
     The Dreidel
     The History of Gingerbread
     The Mystery of the Missing Puppy
     The New Year's Eve Party
     Trick or Treat Sled Run
     Wendy's World- Profit
     Wendy's World- What Can We Do to Help?
     What is Cinco de Mayo?
     What Would We Eat Without Plants?
     What's for Lunch?
     William Lloyd Garrison
     You Like Him Best!, Part 1
     Zach and His Little Red Wagon
(Grades 6-8)
     A Diabetic's Diet
     A Screeeech in the Night!
     A Sugar-free Easter
     A Whacky Good Time with Piñatas
     Accidental Discoveries: Saccharin
     Anna Marie Jarvis: The Mother of Mother's Day
     Birthday Traditions Around The World
     Bonnie and Clyde
     Building a Better Mousetrap, Part 2
     Candles in December
     Celebrating Independence
     Change - What's Change?
     Christmas at the White House
     Communication is the Key
     Digestion -- The Foods We Eat
     Do Not Stand Idly By
     Easter - Historical and Religious Perspective
     Easter Symbols
     Extreme Ironing and Other Household Sports
     Feel Full on Fewer Calories
     Feel Full on Fewer Calories
     From the Bean to the Bar
     Fun Fads of the Fab Fifties
     Grandma Tetrazzini's Noodle Heaven
     Halloween Can Be Frightfully Fun
     Halloween in Other Countries
     Home Sweet Gingerbread Home
     How Do You Make Your Popcorn?
     How Does a Vending Machine Work?
     How Thermometers Work
     I'm your tooth
     Is There a President in Your Pocket?
     Las Posadas
     Market Incentives, Substitutes, and Complements
     More Gross but Edible Foods
     Neighborhood Olympics
     Nutrition Bars
     On the Road with Burma Shave - Advertising in the Fifties
     Our Summer Visitor
     Patience - Can You Wait Patiently?
     Sense of Taste
     Smokeless Tobacco
     Snack Attack for Older Kids
     Studying "Sense-ably"
     Sugar Substitutes
     Sweets for the Sweet
     Taxation without representation
     The Berlin Airlift
     The Cornucopia Mystery
     The Green, Prickly Things of Christmas
     The Invention of Chewing Gum
     The Mystery of the Hidden Photograph, Part Two
     The Mystery of the Multiplying Chocolates
     The Mystery of the Multiplying Chocolates
     The Pilgrims' Real Thanksgiving Menu
     The Street Children of Ecuador
     The Valentine Scavenger Hunt
     There Is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question
     Valentine's Day Around the World
     What Is a Collage?
     What Is Buddhism?
     What is Zoroastrianism?
     Wholly Mole!
(Grades 9-12)
     A Taxing Issue
     Another "Ology"
     If at First You Don't Succeed...The Invasion(s) of Canada
     Other Types of Maps
     Teens can Dress for Success

(Grades 1-2)
     No Fun Tonight
     Snoogles, Froogles, and Goodle Bars

(no assigned grade level)
     Mexican Culture
(Grades 3-5)
     A Big Bug - A Monument to Diversity
     Cuba - Geography
     India - Traditions
     Uruguay - Geography
(Grades 6-8)
     Mexican Independence Day
     Sarah's 4-H Honeybee Project
     Thomas Alva Edison

Finish the Story
     The Prize Box (Grade 2-3)
     At the Balloon Rally (Grade 2-4)
     One Hundred Items in a Pocket (Grade 2-4)
     A Special Halloween (Grade 3)
     Halloween Pumpkin Faces (Grade 3-4)
     Halloween Giving (Grade 3-4)
     Spring Has Sprung (Grade 3-4)
     Sammy the Elf (Grade 3-6)
     Who Sent This Valentine? (Grade 3-6)
     Stella Gets an Odd Makeover (Grade 3-6)
     The Bottle on the Beach (Grade 3-6)
     The Girl Who Loved Candles (Grade 3-6)
     Disaster at Gingerbread Town (Grade 4-5)
     Math Teacher for a Day (Grade 4-6)
     Last Day of School (Grade 4-6)
     The Largest Gingerbread Man (Grade 5-8)
     Join Our Crowd (Grade 6-8)
     Christmas (Grade 6-8)
     Valentine's Day (Grade 6-8)
     Love Is in a Balloon? (Grade 6-8)

What Would You Do?
     A Sweet Choice (Grade 2-4)
     The Sleepover (Grade 3-6)
     The Spooky Koops House (Grade 3-6)
     An Extra Circus Ticket (Grade 4-5)
     The Loan (Grade 6-8)
     My Sister Smokes (Grade 6-8)
     Trick or Treat Dilemma (Grade 9-12)
     To Exchange or Not to Exchange? (Grade 9-12)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     Shopping at the Supermarket (Grades 1-3)
     What Will We Be for Halloween? (Grade 2)
     What Is Your Favorite Winter Holiday? (Grades 3-5)
     Manners Mayhem at the Movie Theater (Grades 4-5)
     Autumn Holidays (Grades 4-6)
     The History of the Piñata (Grades 4-6)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Eating Through the Week (Grade 1-2)
     Trick of the Clown Witch (Grade 1-2)
     Please, Louise! (Grade 2-3)
     Dream a Little Dream...What Does it Mean? (Grade 3-4)
     Hooray for Halloween! (Grade 3-4)
     Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide: Quicksand (Grade 3-4)
     H Is for Halloween (Grade 3-6)
     Crazy Coasters (Grade 4-5)
     Underground Treasure: The New York Gold Vault (Grade 4-5)
     Anne Frank (Grade 4-6)
     C Is For Christmas (Grade 4-6)
     E Is for Easter (Grade 4-6)
     May Day (Grade 4-6)
     More Weird Earth Sayings (Grade 4-6)
     OR is for Oregon (Grade 4-6)
     Scarlet Tiara Loves Red (Grade 4-6)
     The Story of Cupid and Psyche (Grade 4-6)
     Making Money: a Rewarding Experience (Grade 5)


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