Teacher Worksheets

Fifth Grade Quick Reading Comprehension Passages

"Egg"cellent Traditions
Apatosaurus, Also Known As Brontosaurus
Oviraptor, a Misnamed Dinosaur?
Spinosaurus, a Sail-Back Dinosaur
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Vinotok: The Burning of the Grump
A Ball with a Funny Shape
A Brief History of Pizza
A Different Picnic
A Donkey and a Hare
A Donkey and a Hare
A Donkey and a Hare
A Father's Day to Remember
A Fingernail in the Sky
A Flower Mystery: Is It a Bulb or a Corm?
A Forest Is a Food Factory
A Formal Beginning
A Funny Bean!
A Glimpse of an Integrated Life
A Honey of a Bee!
A Horsey Puzzle
A Labyrinth Mystery
A Loud Little Frog
A Magic Ride
A Mistake That Worked
A Mythical Mystery Creature
A National Holiday for Giving Thanks
A New Use for Magnets?
A One-Hump Wonder
A Patriot's Plate
A Patriot's Plate
A Pricey Penny
A Rainbow of Soil
A Trip to the Outback
A Whole Lot of Whole Grains
Abraham Lincoln
Acadia National Park
Acceptance - It's A Two-Way Street
Accidental Discoveries: Saccharin
Achieving Sparkling Dreams
Acid or Base: A Fizzy Soil Test
Adélie Penguins
African Elephants
Air Plants
Air Pollution
Aksel Lund Svindal: Alpine All-Star
Algae, Our Oxygen Suppliers
Aliona Savchenko
Alpine Skiing
Alternative Energy Sources
Amazing Water
America's Library
An Antsy Situation
An Endearing Mystery
An Unusual Word
Anaconda: A Super-Sized and Super Sneaky Snake!
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Writing: Hieroglyphics
Ancient Egyptians
And Called It Macaroni
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Animal Antifreeze
Animal Cells: Cells Without Walls
Animal, Plant, or Fungi?
Animals in the Ocean: the Biggest and the Smallest
Animals With Backbones
Animals Without Backbones
Anne Frank's Father
Anne Frank's Kind Heart
Anne Frank's Published Diary
Anne Frank: Life at Auschwitz
Anne Frank: Life at Westerbork
Anne Frank
Anne Sullivan: The Educator's Early Years
Anne Sullivan
Anne's Published Diary
Anne's Quick Escape
Ant Life Cycle
Antarctica: Frozen Desert
Anticipation - Groundhog Day
Arctic Terns
Are You a Gorilla?
Are Your Hands Clean?
Atoms and Matter
Author's Purpose P.I.E.
Avery Island, Louisiana, Also Known As Bird City
Bacteria in the Soil
Bambi in the Grass
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barbara Bush
Barbara Robinson
Baseball Cards
Baseball Fun
Bats...Helpful or Harmful?
Being Polite - Do You Have Good Manners?
Beluga Whales
Bengal Tiger
Benjamin Harrison
Bess Truman
Betty Ford
Bighorn Sheep
Biscayne National Park
Blaine Kern, Mr. Mardi Gras
Bombs Bursting in Air -- Sounds of the Fourth of July
Boxelder Bugs
Boy, Oh, Boysenberry!
Break It Down: Digestion
Bryce Canyon National Park
Bubble, Bubble, Would This Soil Cause Trouble?
Buck Island Reef National Monument
Buffalo Soldiers
Busy as a Beekeeper
Buy! Sell! All About Stocks
California Condors
Calvin Coolidge
Camel Spiders
Can You Imagine?
Cans, Glass, and Plastic
Canyonlands National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Capybaras and Their "Digestive Do-overs"
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Carrion Flowers
Cecropia Moths
Celebrating a New Year
Celebrating Pie!
Cells With and Without a Nucleus
Cesar Chavez: Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner
Cesar Chavez
Change - What's Change?
Chester A. Arthur
Civil War Ambulance Corps
Clara Hughes
Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson
Clown Fish and Sea Anemones: Talk About Teamwork!
Community - A Place to Belong
Comparing Centipedes and Millipedes
Congaree National Park
Cooperation - At the Dentist and Elsewhere!
Count It Twice!
Count Your Colors
Courage - Ain't I a Woman?
Crater Lake National Park
Craters of the Moon National Monument
Craters of the Moon National Monument
Creative Caterpillars
Credit Cards
Crocodilian Cousins: Alligators and Crocodiles
Crocodilian Senses
Cross-Country Skiing
Curiosity - Alexander Graham Bell
Cutting Costs
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Dairy Food Group
Dairy on My Plate
Dall Sheep
Dandelions Rule
Death Valley National Park
Denali National Park
Dependence - Bundle Up!
Destruction - The Dirty Thirties
Devils Postpile National Monument
Devils Tower
Dicey Langston, Teen Hero of the Revolutionary War
Did You Get the Message?
Dig Down Deep: Animals That Burrow in the Soil
Dinner on a Cold Day
Dinner on a Cold Day
Discovery - Digging for Knowledge
Do Plants Recycle?
Do You Sudoku?
Do You Want To Visit Jupiter?
Doctors Help Us and Heal Us!
Does a Praying Mantis Pray?
Doilies in the Sky
Dome Mountains
Don't Buy the Grapes!
Don't Judge a Grain by Its Color
Don't Let this Mystery Defeat You!
Don't Spoil the Soil!
Don't Throw it in the Ocean
Don't Worry About That Dorsal Fin!
Dorcas Gazelles
Doris Gates
Double Check Your Dairy Foods
Dr. King, a Speaker for Nonviolence
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Draco Lizards
Drop, Cover, and Hold On!
Dry Tortugas National Park
Dumbo Octopus
Dwight Eisenhower
Earth Hour Power
Earth's Blanket
Earth's Ice Ages
Earth's Zones
Edith Roosevelt
Edith Wilson
Effigy Mounds National Monument
Eleanor Roosevelt
Electric Current
Electric Eels
Electric Eels
Electrical Circuits
Elizabeth George Speare
Ellen Wilson
Empty Calories on My Plate
Encouragement - Break a Leg!
Endangered Animals
Endangered Is Not Extinct...Let's Keep It That Way!
Entertainment - Relax a Little
Eoin Colfer
Everglades National Park
Explore Fun Facts about the United States
Fact or Fiction: The Four Seasons, Part I
Fact or Fiction: The Four Seasons, Part II
Fair and Equal - What's the Difference?
Fantasy - The Wild Things
Fast Cars and a Famous Track
Fault-block Mountains
Female American Alligators: Tough (but Tender!) Mothers
Figure Skating
Fill Up On Fruit
First a Poem For Kids, Now a Pledge to the Flag
First Lady and Public Servant
Fishing Spiders
Fit to Be Tied, Among Other Things
Fitness Can Be Fun!
Fjords Are Unique Landforms
Floodplains and Deltas
Florence Harding
Flyways, Not Freeways!
Food As Fuel
Food Energy Pyramid
For the Good of the Earth
Fort Sumter National Monument
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Pierce
Freedom's Journal
Frigid Zones
Fruit Food Group
Fruit on My Plate
Fun and Filling Noodles
Fungi Helpers
Fungi in the Soil
G.W. Carver: Not Just Peanut Butter Cookies
Galapagos Giant Tortoises
Gary Paulsen
Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve
General Sherman
Generations - Who's Who in Your Family?
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
George Washington, Dog Lover
George Washington, the Farmer
George Washington
Geothermal Energy
Gerald Ford
Gerald McDermott
Get Moving!
Giant Anteaters
Giant Squid
Giant Toads
Gila Monsters
Give It a Turn
Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Movements and Moraines
Glacier National Park
Good Grief! Don't Be a Griefer!
Good Vibrations
Goodness Gracious, Great Bolts of Lightning!
Goodness, Gracious, Great Garden Soil!
Grace Coolidge
Grains Food Group
Grains on My Plate
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Great Basin National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Great White Sharks
Greeting Cards and More
Groundhog Day Across the Country
Grover Cleveland
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Habits - Making and Breaking Habits
Hadrosaurs, the Duckbilled Dinosaurs
Haleakala National Park
Hammerhead Sharks
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Presidents' Day
Harry Truman
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Hawaiian Monk Seals
Healthy Restaurant Food on My Plate
Helen Keller's Mischief
Helen Keller: The Wild Child
Helen Taft
Helpful Gases
Helpful Gases
Herbert Hoover
Hillary Rodham Clinton
History of the National Park Service
Hmm...What Is Humus?
Hoary Marmots
Honeycrisp Apples- The "New Kid on the Block"
Honor - Mount Rushmore
Hot and Cold Food on My Plate
Hot Springs National Park
How Did Ancient Egyptians Make Mummies?
How Do 3D Glasses Work?
How Do Microwaves Work?
How Do Solar Panels Work?
How Do Submarines Work?
How Do Telescopes Work?
How Does a Kite Fly?
How Does a Seismograph Work?
How Does Aspirin Work?
How Does Recycling Help the Earth?
How Does Sonar Work?
How Is Tabasco Sauce Made?
How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated in Other Countries?
How Ketchup is Made, Then and Now
How Many Oceans?
How Many Seeds Are In Your Pumpkin?
How Ocean Waves Move
How Plants Defend Themselves
How Soil Is Made
How Termites Eat Wood
How the Moon Affects the Earth
How to Model an Insect Using an Orange
How to Model an Insect Using an Orange
How Volcanoes Make Islands
How Windmills Work
Howler Monkeys
Howler Monkeys
Humor - The Power of Humor
Hydrothermal Vents
I Can Be Short or Long!
I'm So (yawn) Tired!
If You Give a Manatee a Cookie...
Igneous Rock
Igneous Rocks
Imagination - Thinking Outside the Box
In a Jiffy!
Industrial Revolution
Initiative - Do You Show It?
Insects on the Arctic Tundra
Introduction to Groundhogs
Inventions - What Does It Do?
Is It Musical or Edible?
Is There a President in Your Pocket?
Isle Royale National Park
It Glows in the Dark!
It's Barely a Mystery
It's in the Can!
It's Not Silly...It's Bee-utiful!
It's Super Sockeye!
Jacqueline Kennedy
James Blake: The Bus Driver
James Buchanan
James Garfield
James K. Polk
James Madison
James Monroe
Japan Surrenders
Jewel Cave National Monument
Jimmy Carter
John Adams
John F. Kennedy
John Quincy Adams
John Tyler
Jon Bohmer: The Kyoto Box
Jump Around!
JUNO's Journey to Jupiter
Just Another Link in the Chain
Just One of the Group
Kangaroo Rats
Katmai National Park and Preserve
Keeping It Real
Keeping Your Circulatory System Healthy
Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy
Keeping Your Muscular System Healthy
Keeping Your Nervous System Healthy
Keeping Your Respiratory System Healthy
Keeping Your Skeletal System Healthy
Key Deer
Kite Shapes
Koala (Not!) Bears
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
Landforms: Canyons and Gorges
Landforms: Marshes and Swamps
Language - Don't Say It, Show It!
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Laura Bush
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Layers of the Rainforest
Layers of the Sun
Leatherback Sea Turtles
Let Freedom Ring: The Liberty Bell
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!
Let's Get Physical!
Let's Split: Cell Division by Mitosis
Letter from a Williamsburg Maze
Life under a Microscope: Bacteria
Life Under a Microscope: Viruses
Life with a Wallaby
Lightning Bolts from the Blue
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln's Handy Hat!
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
Living Among Dinosaurs
Look at Me Now! Famous Bullying Victims
Lou Hoover
Luna Moths
Lyndon Johnson
Making Money by Using Yours
Making the Medals
Mamie Eisenhower
Mammoth Cave National Park
Marine Mammals
Martin Van Buren
Mass Wasting: Slip-Sliding Away
Meet Baryonyx
Meet Deinonychus
Meet Minmi
Meet Maya From Mexico
Meet Triceratops
Mesa Verde National Park
Metamorphic Rocks
Michelle Obama
Michigan: Home of the Cross in the Woods
Military Air Forces
Milking Time
Millard Fillmore
Mining Minerals
Monarchs on the Move: A Northern Migration
Monarchs on the Move: A Southern Migration
More Than Just a Chip off the Old Block
Morse's Code
Mosasaurs, Not Dinosaurs
Mosquitoes: You Can Run From Them, But You Cannot Hide
Moth or Butterfly?
Mother's Day
Mount Rainier National Park
Mount Rushmore
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Mountain Goats
My Great and Green New Year
Nancy Pelosi, Lady of Power
Nancy Reagan
Natural Gas
Neptune Is Neat (and a bit Mysterious!)
New Amsterdam
News - Extra, Extra, Learn All About It!
Niagara Falls
No Limits
No More Tug of War!
North Cascades National Park
Not If I Can Help It!
Now That's a Big Bill!
Oh Man, It's Empty!
Oh Say Can You See....and Sing: The National Anthem
Ohio's Most Unique Music Festival
Oil and Natural Gas
On The Last Day of School
On the Map: Five Things That All Maps Have in Common
One Big Bird
One Costly Card
One Hump or Two?
One Sneaky (and Determined!) Snake!
One Symbolic Seal
Oprah Winfrey, Broadcasting Powerhouse
Oregon National Historic Trail
Our Nation's Oldest City: St. Augustine, Florida
Out of the Box Kites
Out With the Old, In With the New
Pacific Ocean
Parts of the Food Chain: Consumers
Parts of the Food Chain: Producers
Parts of the Food Chain: Scavengers and Decomposers
Pat Nixon
Patience - Can You Wait Patiently?
Patriotism - Wear Your Colors Proudly
Pearl Harbor
Penguins Are Built for Swimming
Perseverance - The Race to the North Pole
Perspective - From A Bird's Eye View
Petrified Forest National Park
Phillis Wheatley
Pick a Medium, Any Medium!
Planet Earth, the Big Blue Marble
Planning for Christmas
Plant Cells: Cells With Walls
Plant Clones
Plant Life Cycles
Plant Parts
Plants Are Food Factories
Plants: Over, Under, Inside, and Out
Plate Tectonics Theory
Pluto's So Cool!
Poison Dart Frogs
Poisonous Plants
Polar Regions
Popular Ladybugs
Praying Mantis
President Washington's Pearly Whites
Pretending - Oh, the Places We Go
Pride for Mexico
Problem Solving - Figuring Things Out
Protein Food Group
Proteins on My Plate
Punctuating Veterans Day
Ra, God of the Sun
Raccoon Paws: What Handy Hands!
Rainbow Trout
Recognition - Baseball Hall of Fame
Red (and Blue!) Kangaroos
Red Alert: Volcanoes
Red Blood Cells
Red Equals Good Luck
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Redwood National and State Parks
Reindeer or Caribou
Religion in Ancient Egypt
Research - The Big Move
Revolving for the Seasons
Richard Nixon
Road Trip: Arizona Style!
Roberto Luongo
Rocks Are Like Cookies
Ronald Reagan
Rosa Parks's Early School Years
Rosa Parks: Life After the Bus
Rosa Parks
Rosa's Run-in
Rosalynn Carter
Rutherford B. Hayes
Saguaro National Park
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
Sand and Gravel
Sand Crabs
Saturn's Shiny, Shimmery Rings
Save the Soil!
Scarlet Macaws
Scientific Notation
Sea Turtles
Sea-Monkeys - One of the World's Smallest Pets
Seahorses Are Not Horses That Live in the Sea!
Seasons at the Poles
Secretary Birds
Secretary of Labor
Sedimentary Rocks, Rocks on Earth's Surface
Sedimentary Rocks
Seeding the Clouds
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Shake, Rattle, But Don't Run: A Rattlesnake Warning
Shenandoah National Park
Sherman's Neckties
Siberian Tigers
Simple Machines: The Inclined Plane
Simple Machines: The Lever
Simple Machines: The Wedge
Simple Photosynthesis
Skier Lara Gut: A Winner in Any Language
Sneak Attack: Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor
Sneak Those Veggies In
Snow Leopard
Sodium: Less is Best
Soil Crusts
Soil's Primary Macronutrients
Something at Your Table
Spanish Colonies
Spider Monkeys
Square Root Day
Stag Beetles
Stalactites and Stalagmites
Star Groups
States of Matter
Static Electricity
Stories in the Stars
Strange Facts About Butterflies
Stripes That Stick Together
Structure - The Empire State Building
Studying Ocean Floor Sediments
Sue Stauffacher
Summer Lovin' Lightning Bug Style
Summertime Weather All Year Long
Surviving April Fools' Day
Suzanne Collins
Swim to Win!
Swirling Wind
Talk About A Tongue!
Tasmanian Devils
Thank a Plant
Thank You, Mr. Bell!
Thanksgiving's Superhero: Sarah Hale
That Is One Very Hungry Caterpillar!
That Takes A Lot of Nerve!
The Albatross
The Arrest
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Ballpoint Pen
The Band Played On
The Barbie Doll
The Beginning of Slavery in the Colonies
The Big Race to Space
The Bold Style of a Cappella
The Boston Massacre
The Brain
The Brown Pelican
The Bus Where It All Began
The Cell Theory
The Check Is in the Mail
The Childhood of Our First President
The Coelophysis
The Colonies Grow
The Dream Catcher
The Dust Bowl, Human-Caused Soil Erosion
The Easter Lily
The Eve of Good Fortune
The Evolution of Mapmaking
The Excretory System
The Fed's Balancing Act
The First American Colonies
The First Gingerbread Men
The First Labor Day
The French and Indian War
The Giant Panda
The Gingerbread Capital of the World
The Girl in Hiding
The Great Pyramid
The Great Story of the Great Seal
The Heart
The Hunchback from Spain
The Importance of Rivers
The Interesting Thing About Interest
The Intestines
The Jamestown Colony
The Kiwi
The Largest Rodent of All: The Giant Beaver
The Last Monday in May
The Laughing Kookaburra
The Layout of the Secret Annex
The Legend of St. Valentine
The Lone Star Flag
The Montgolfier Brothers and the Hot Air Balloon
The Month of January
The Movie Theater Moment
The Mystery of Tyrannosaurus Rex's Short Arms
The Mystery of the Cottingley Fairies
The Natural Wonders of Virginia
The Need for Earth Day
The Nervous System
The Northern Lights
The Oozing, Melting Clocks of Surrealism
The Oxygen - Carbon Dioxide Cycle
The Oxygen - Carbon Dioxide Cycle
The Periodic Table
The Personification Ray
The Picture of a President
The Planet Saturn
The Plymouth Colony
The Polar Bear
The Presidential Inauguration
The Prince of Pop Art
The Puffin
The Quiet King
The Radar Readers
The Respiratory System
The Road to Becoming the First President
The Scientific Method
The Seahorse Dance
The Sense of Hearing: Do You Hear What I Hear?
The Sense of Sight: Oh Say Can You See?
The Sense of Taste: Mmm!
The Sense of Touch: Ouch!
The Shaggy Lion's Solution
The Skeletal System
The Skua
The Sons and Daughters of Liberty
The Sooner State
The Sounds, Scents, and Stories of Christmas
The Statue of Liberty: A Welcome Sight!
The Steps of Photosynthesis
The Steps of Photosynthesis
The Stomach
The Three Sisters
The Truth about Taxes
The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial
The Unbelievable Sport of Toe Wrestling
The USS Nevada
The Very Talented Artist
The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra
The Water Cycle
The White House
The Wolf
The Wombat
The Wonderful Wind
The World's Largest House Pet?
The Zebra
Theodor Seuss Geisel: A Determined Author
Theodore Roosevelt
There's Nothing "Ho-Hum" About the Himalayas
They're Firefighters and Much More!
Thomas Jefferson
Three Kinds of Rocks
Three Kinds of Volcanoes
Thurgood Marshall
Tidal Energy
Tidal Range
Timber Wolf
Tinker Bell Takes a Flight
To Top It Off -- An Amazing Array of Pizza Toppings!
Toothy Tusks
Transitions - The Way You Move...
Traveling - Make Your Travel Plans
Tsunami: What a Wave!
Twist and Shout: A Tornado is Coming!
Twist and Tumble: Gymnastics at the Olympics
Two Kinds of Weathering
Types of Bullying
Types of Soil
Ulysses S. Grant
UniverSoul Circus
Upper and Lower Egypt
USS Arizona National Memorial
Valentine's Day Potpourri
Vegetable Food Group
Vegetables on My Plate
Vegetables on My Plate
Venture Smith
Volcanic Mountains
Voyageurs National Park
Want to Bet? The Story of Green Eggs and Ham
Warnings - Do Not Ignore Them!
Warnings - Do Not Ignore Them!
Warren Harding
Watch Out For Empty Calories!
Water on the Moon!
Wavelength, Crest, and Trough
We're All in This Together: The Fabulous Food Chain
Wearin' of the Green
What Am I?
What Are Cold Blooded Animals?
What Are Fjords?
What Are Pajamas?
What Are Sunspots?
What Are Warm Blooded Animals?
What Causes a Sonic Boom?
What Causes Lightning?
What Does B.C. Mean?
What Does Your Nose Know?
What Eggs-actly Is Egg Tempera?
What Is a Blood Bank?
What Is a Galaxy?
What Is a Heart Attack?
What Is a Mammal?
What Is a Passport?
What Is a Rainbow?
What Is a Stroke?
What Is a Visa?
What Is a Volcano?
What Is a Weather Map?
What Is a Worm Test?
What Is an Amphibian?
What Is an Invertebrate Animal?
What Is Compost?
What Is Electricity?
What Is Magnetism?
What Is NASA?
What Is One Hundred?
What Is Pajama Day?
What on Earth Is an Earthworm?
What's In an Income?
What's a Hurricane?
What's Gravity Got To Do With It?
What's in the Horizon?
What's in the White House?
What's the Invention You Couldn't Live Without?
What's Under the Ocean Waves?
When Is Presidents Day?
Where Does Salt Come From?
Where Does Sand Come From?
Where Is Earth's Freshwater?
White Blood Cells
White House Chief of Staff
White Sands National Monument
Who Are Cyberbullies?
Who Is Joe Biden?
Who Is Lady Liberty?
Who Manages the Government's Money?
Who Pays Taxes?
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!
Why Did Ancient Egyptians Make Mummies?
Why Do Some People Need Glasses?
Why Do We Shiver?
Why Do Wolves Howl?
Why Is New York City Called "The Big Apple"?
Why Waste? - A Change In Habits
William Clinton
William Henry Harrison
William McKinley
William Taft
Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley
Wind Cave National Park
Women in the Revolutionary War
Woodrow Wilson
Would You Like Some PIE with Your Author's Purpose?
Wow! The Olympics Have Changed!
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve
WWW: The Wonderful World of Webs
Yosemite National Park
You Have the Power to Stop Cyberbullying
You've Got Mail
Your Body's Thermostat
Your Lungs: Simple or Simply Amazing?
Youth United to Build Houses
Yuna Kim
Zachary Taylor
Zion National Park
Zizou Corder: A Mother-Daughter Team